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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Alumni news,   pp. [89]-98

Page [89]

  Born-To Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur L. Ball
  of New York City, a daughter, on April
25, 1910.
  Born-To Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Smith
of Platteville, a son, on June 13.
              '98 L '03.
  Born-To Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Harvey
of Racine, Wis., a son, on July 3.
  Born-To Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Thomp-
son, on August 31, a son, Robert Pennis-
  Born---To Mr. and Mrs. Ernst von
Briesen of Milwaukee, a girl, Martha
Margarefe, September 4. Her grand-
fAther on her mother's side was Jacob
Bickler, '70.
  Born--To Mr. and Mrs.
a daughter, in September.
was Estella Starks, '05.
Alva Eighmy,
Mrs. Eighmy
  Born-To Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Smith, a
daughter, on September 29. Mrs. Smith
was Lulu Cass, '06.
  Born-To Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus H.
Brindley, a son, on October 3.
        HERFURTH, '93-DAVIS.
  Mrs. Theodore Herfurth of Madison
announces the engagement of her daugh-
ter, Sabena Mildred, to William Lloyd
Davis. For the past two years Miss Her-
furth has held a position as instructor in
the German department of Milwaukee-
Dcwner college and formerly filled a simi-
lar position in the university. Mr. Davis
is a graduate of the university and a
member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fra-
ternityv. H= is -now enpaoed in thbe hnsi-
   Born-To Mr. and Mrs. A. D. S. Gil-
 lett, Superior, a daughter.
   Born-To Mr. and Mrs. C. Steinmetz,
_Jr., a son, Christian Robert, on Septem-
ber 16. Mr. Steinmetz will be remem-
bered as captain of the 1905 basket ball
team which won the Western Intercol-
legiate championship and then went to
Columbia university, but was defeated by
a score of 21-16. Mr. Steinmetz is now
associated with Senator Julius E. Roehr
in the practice of law at Milwaukee.
   Born-To Mr. and Mrs. Edward S.
 Moles o fChicago, a daughter, on Septem-
 ber 25.. Mrs. Moles was Ora Mason, '06.
ness of real estate and investments in
western lands. The wedding will take
place early in December, after which the
young couple will spend six months in
travel abroad. On their return they will
make their home in Madison.
  Mrs. J. C. Noyes of Oshkosh announces
the engagement of her daughter, Miriam,
to Henry G. Barkhausen of Oshkosh.
The wedding is to take place in the win-
         CooKE-BoGuE, '94.
  Genevieve E. Cooke of Parker, N. D.,
and Alan Bogue, Jr., of Centerville, S.

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