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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Progress of the University,   pp. [82]-88

Page 87

favor of the idea and it is expected that
a much larger attendance will be present
next year.
  The first entertainment by the Ger-
manistische  Gesellsehaft  took  place
Wednesday, October 19, in the concert
hall of   Lathrop  hall. Among   other
notable features of the evening a potato
puppet play was given, under the direc-
tion of Professor Kind.
  Appropriation for a Union building,
the advisability of appointing a dean of
men, the adoption   of a seven game
schedule, and the erection of a new beat
house, constitute the planks of the plat-
form adopted in the meeting of the
Senior class held during the past month.
  At the election of the class "Mike"
Timbers was elected president, Phoebe
Twinig vice-president, Karl Kraatz sec-
retary, "Teddy" Baer treasurer, and
Win. H. Ellis sergeant-at-arms.
  The juniors also held   an  election,
which, however, was attended by such
shocking alleged frauds that another elec-
tion must be held. At the present writ-
ing no result has been announced.
  The following are the freshmen elected
to Skull and Crescent at their annual
smoker: William  James, M. C. Bruce,
Phil.  Newman,    George   Drummond,
Walter Carr, W. S. David, John Van
Riper, E. A. Weschler, N. M. Wyatt, N.
D. Bassett, R. H. Ray, C. W. Straubel,
C. D. Rudolf, H. V. Joannes, R. H. Car-
penter and Duncan Hunter.
   The second convocation of the year
 took place on October -20, when Bishop
 James Whitford Bashford, '70, of China,
 spoke on  "The Social and Political
 Awakening in China." '
    An unusually large number of stu-
 dents from foreign countries and other
 states have entered the college of agricul-
 ture. Six foreign countries are repre-
 sented by 16 students, and 25 states have
 sent 162 students for the agricultural
 courses. The  largest delegations are
 from China, Mexico and South America.
   Jose Leguia, son of the President of
 Peru, South America, is studying agricul-
 ture preparatory to entering agricultural
 work in his native country. Vladimir V.
 Zuamenski has entered with a special
 commission from the Russian government
.to specialize in horticulture.
   C. J. E. Schutte of Pretoria and M.
 J. H. Trew    of Johannesburg, South
 Africa, have entered in the four year
course. B. K. Palit comes from Calcutta,
  The Chinese delegation includes seven
young men who are under advisory direc-
tion  of  the Chinese Ambassador at
Washington. They are T. S. Kuo, M. Y.
Loo, C. C. Pan, T. Y. Tang, K. S. Woo,
H. W. Moh and Y. M. Tseng.
  Mexico is represented by Jesus de la
R. Fuente of Madadores, and F. M. Car-
denas of Saltillo, Mexico.
   A new movement in social uplift has
been inaugurated by the University of
Wisconsin, through the new institute of
municipal and social reform, conducted
under the direction of the university ex-
tension division, beginning October 17.
All classes and lectures will be held in
Milwaukee   at, the extension  division

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