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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Progress of the University,   pp. [82]-88

Page 84

arts degree, have elected the general sur-
vey of home economies, and art and de-
sign studies, open to students in that col-
  How paper may be made from new
kinds of wood pulp, and how wood prod-
ucts now wasted may be utilized in paper
manufacture, will be studied by engi-
neering students this year under the di-
rection of the college of engineering and
the staff of the United States Forest
Service laboratory at Madison.
  A   miniature pulp  and paper mill,
equipped with the latest machinery for
grinding, beating  and pressing paper
pulp, is one of the features of the forest
products' laboratory. A paper machine
which manufactures a continuous sheet of
paper fifteen inches wide has also been
  President Charles R. Van Hise has ap-
pointed the faculty committee to have
charge of the supervision of the univer-
sity athletics, consisting of Physical Di-
rector  George  Ehler, chairman, and
Prof s. M. C. Beebe, C. H. Bunting, A. G.
Laird, J. G. Sanders. This is practically
a new committee, the only member of last
year's committee   being  Prof. Laird.
Prof. Beebe was a member of the athletic
committee some years ago.
  Sid Anderson, last year's wonder at
quarter, has decided to quit the Badger
school and has already made arrangs-
ments to enter Yale.
          TO COACH CREW.
  E. R. Sweetland, present director of
athletics at the University of Kentucky,
has been appointed coach of the Badger
crews, to succeed E. H. Ten Eyck, who
resigned in June. Sweetland was a mem-
ber of four winning Cornell crews of
1895 to 1898, and coached Syracuse crews
in 1901 and 1902.
  The new faculty committee on athletics
at the University of Wisconsin at its first
meeting decided to invite the graduate
committee to hold the conference cross-
country championship in Madison, Nov.
19, the date of the Chicago-Wisconsin
,football game, and has received assur-
ance that the invitation will be accepted.
The championship race, five miles in
length, has always been held in Chicago
in previous years, and it is with general
satisfaction that Badger athletes have
learned of the new plans.
   The committee elected the following
 officers: Chairman, George W. Ehler, di-
 rector of physical training; secretary,
 Prof. C. H. Hunting; treasurer, L. J.
 Pickarts, bursar of the university-
   The body accepted an invitation from
 St. John's military academy to hold a
 crew race between St. John 's and the var-
 sity crew next spring.
          WILCE ACCEPTS.
   Jack Wilce has accepted the office of
 graduate manager of athletics at Wis-
 consin, and is seeking release from his
 high school contract at La Crosse.
   Hal R. Martin, law '11, and prominent
 in debating and oratory at the university,
 was elected president of the Republican
 club of the university. Arnsdorf Hill,
 '12, was elected secretary; Clarence Te
 Selle, law '11, treasurer; E. E. Witte, '09,

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