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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Progress of the University,   pp. [82]-88

Page 83

terms of his appointment there was no
occasion for it.
       RULING ON "'FRATS."
   The report of the faculty committee on
the investigation of fraternities and so-
rorities at the University of Wisconsin
which went to the regents on October 13,
   No freshman shall be initiated during
 his first year at the university, until
 after the close of the June examinations,
said rule to become effective in the fall
of 1912.
  No sophomore or upper classman on
probation, shall be initiated into a fra-
ternity or sorority.
  Freshmen pledged during their first
year shall not be allowed to reside in,
or eat at a fraternity or sorority house
until the close of the June examinations.
  The report has been accepted by the
inter-fraternity council, and will go to
the legislature with its indorsement.
  Believing that effective work in the
theoretical study of music can be done
by correspondence-study, the school of
music is now offering courses through
the extension division. Two courses of
16 lessons each are announced, one in
public school music, the other in musical
   Important changes in the university
school of music have been inaugurated
     11  UU ,AvĂ˝  JU U L UU~IiVV  U1M;1UzU  IlL-
rector, Dr. Louis A. Coerne. Hereafter
all students must meet the regular uni-
versity entrance requirements before be-
ing permitted to take up music studies.
The school of music will thus be placed
on the same footing as the other schools
and colleges of the university.
  The regular course in music, as now
arranged, covers a period of four years.
A choice is allowed the student of organ,
pianoforte, violin, or voice instruction,
the completion of the full course in each
of these subjects leading to the degree of
graduate in music.
  For teachers who expect to combine the
teaching of music with other branches in
grades and high schools, a special course
is designed. A more complete two year
course has been arranged for those who
wish to fit themselves for the supervision
of music in the public schools.
  A number of courses in the school of
music have been arranged so that they
may be taken by atiy student in the col-
lege  of   letters and   science. These
courses include classes in harmony, coun-
terpoint, history of music, musical com-
position, methods in public school music,
principles of musical education, musical
appreciation, masterpieces of music, and
ehnral iq. i ii
   Teaching business methods by corre-
spondence has just been undertaken by
the University of Wisconsin through the
extension division. Twenty-two courses
are now ready. It is planned to offer 98
courses as soon as possible.
   The number of girls enrolled in the de-
partment of home economics of the col-
lege of agriculture is more than double
that of   last year. Over 100 young
women are taking the four years and.
graduate courses. A large number of
students in the college of letters and
science, candidates for the bachelor of

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