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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

The Wisconsin alumni clubs,   pp. [77]-80

Page 79

Van Hise and a number of alumni
teachers.will respond to toasts.
  The officers of the association this
year are: J. T. Hooper, '92, Ash-
land, president; May Lucas, '00,
Manitowoc, ┬░vice-president; R. B.
Dudgeon, '76, Madison, secretary
and treasurer.
  The headquarters of the Univer-
sity of Wisconsin during the teach-
ers' meeting will be in the parlor of
the Plankinton.
  The University of Wisconsin St.
Louis Alumni Association held its
first dinner and business meeting
of the 1010-11 season, Wednesday,
October 19, at the Washington
Hotel. Twenty-two members were
present and the following officers
elected: President, J. B. Emerson,
'99; vice-president, Mrs. V. W.
Bergenthal,  '98; secretary-treas-
urer, Donald McArthur, '04.
  The secretary was instructed to
request from the university the at-
tendance of a representative at the
next dinner to be held the third
Tuesday in November.
  Weekly luncheons will also be
held during the winter at various
of the down town cafes.
  The U. W. Club of Chicago is
planning the greatest of its many
notable stunts.
  An aviation meet is promised
for the 17th of November. It is
expected that five or six types of
aeroplanes will participate. Every
Wisconsin alumnus or former stu-
dent who attends the meet will be
given an opportunity to fly an
  There are in Chicago nearly
700 alumni and former students
of Wisconsin. At a football din-
ner given at the Victoria Hotel in
the fall of 1902 the U. W. Club
had an attendance of nearly 400.
The attendance at the aviation
meet is expected to rival that at
the June banquet of the General
Alumni Association, when    over
500 were present.
  Lynn A. Williams, U. W. '00, is
the general chairman in charge
of the arrangements for the avia-
tion meet and his enthusiasm in
the success of the affair is un-
bounded. He is ably assisted by
Commodore Allard Smith, who
will have charge of the entire
aeroplane fleet. Captains F. E.
Chandler, Andrews Allen, C. H.
McKenna, Arthur Curtis, George
Haight and H. P. Rowland will
each control the maneuvers of an
  The efforts of these navigating
officers will be ably seconded by
Fred Newman, the chief engineer,
and his mechanicians, Van Hagen,
Crumpton, Weld, Boettcher, Drew
and Potter.
  The commissary department is
in the hands of Fred S. White,

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