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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

The Wisconsin alumni clubs,   pp. [77]-80

Page 78

subject excited keen interest and
discussion among the older gradu-
  Mr. Walsh of Helena followed
the wonderful growth of Wisconsin
university from the days when he
was one of six hundred or seven
hundred students Ć½making up the
total enrollment to the present time
when the students number over five
thousand. Besides speaking of the
conditions and thought obtaining
at the  university in  the  early
eighties, he dwelt at length upon
the present aims and standing of
the institution, particularly point-
ing out its service to the state and
nation through practical work on
present day problems in fields sci-
entific, industrial and  political.
He aptly t~rmed the University of
Wisconsin the greatest asset of the
  Upon conclusion of the program
of toasts the following officers were
elected for  the  ensuing  year:
President, T. J. Walsh, L. '84 of
Helena; vice-president, John Rich-
ards,. '97 of Butte; secretary-treas-
urer, J. H. Warner, '04 of Butte.
The list of those present is as fol-
follows: T. J. Walsh, L. '84, John
N. Kirk, '93, Oscar Rohn, '95,
George Downer, '97, John Rich-
ards, '97, Nicholas Rotering, L. '03,
J. C. Derge, '04, J. H. Warner, '04,
R. B. Stevenson, '04, L. P. Dono-
van, L '06, A. B. Melzner, L. '06,
F. Young, '10, J. P. Kennedy, L.
'il, Walter Nickle, '12.
          By ERNST VON BRIESEN, '00
  The Milwaukee alumni have de-
cided to have a monthly dinner at
Hotel Charlotte. The plan, is to
get as many of the fellows who are
downtown to lunch to make it a
point to eat at the Charlotte* on a
particular day, which will be the
first Thursday of every month.
We want all the alumni from out of
the city, who happen to, be in Mil-
waukee on that day, to arrange to
eat there. They will thus surely
meet many old friends. The plan
is not to wait for anyone, but when-
ever you are hungry, go over there
and eat. We hope that those who
come will remain and enjoy them-
selves for a time, but they are
to go and come as business calls
  Over 700 former students of the
university, now engaged in teach-
ing in the schools of the state, will
hold their annual reunion in Mil-
waukee   during   the  Wisconsin
Teachers' Association meeting No-
vember 3-5, under the auspices of
the   University  of   Wisconsin
Alumni Teachers' Club.
  A dinner will be given by the
club in Gimbel's grill room Friday,
Nov. 4, at 6:30 p. m. President

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