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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

The Wisconsin alumni clubs,   pp. [77]-80

Page [77]

A T the invitation of the com-
      mittee, consisting of Miss
      Fredericka  Shattuck,  '05,
Prof. J. E. Brindley, '02, and Dr.
B. H. Hibbard,; 02, the former stu-
dents and graduates of the Univer-
sity of Wisconsin in the vicinity of
Ames, Ia., held their annual picnic
in the woods on the banks of Squaw
Creek, on the evening of October
  A huge bonfire on which a de-
licious steak, wieners, and coffee
were prepared made things very
pleasant. The supper was served
upon the green grass, and after the
meal old college songs and univer-
sity yells were given. Stories and
reminiscences of the old days at the
university were indulged in, and
the hope entertained that the picnic
might be an annual affair.
  The following persons attended
the picnic: Dr. and Mrs.- B. H.
Hibbard, '02, Prof. and Mrs. J. E.
Brindley, '02, Prof. and Mrs. Wm.
B. Anderson, '01, Prof. Wm. Ktm-
erth, '04, Prof. J. C. Gordon, '96,
Prof. and Mrs. L. G. Schmidt, Miss
Fredericka Shattuck, '05, Dr. L. 1I.
Pammel, '85, Dr. and Mrs. B. G.
Dyer, Prof. Evinger, Prof. and
Mrs. F. A. Fish, '01, and Mr. HE. J.
        By J. H. WARNER, '04
  The second annual banquet of
the Montana Alumni Association
was held at the Thornton Hotel,
Butte, September 17, 1910. About
ninety invitations were sent out to
known Wisconsin alumni and stu-
dents in Montana. The program
of- toasts was'as follows: "Wiscon-
sin, A  Progressive University,"
John Richards, '97; "Student Self
Government at Wisconsin," J. P.
Kennedy, L. '11; "The Days of
'84," T. J. Walsh, L. '84.
  Mr. Richards in his response
pointed out the progressive, pio-
neering  character of  Wisconsin
university in the matter of educa-
tion. He compared the forward
movement along educational lines
at Wisconsin to the similar contem-
porary political movement, practi-
cal efficiency and service being de-
manded with increasing emphasis
from student graduates and faculty
as from the peoples' representa-
tives in political life.
  Mr. Kennedy, a present under-
graduate,  described the  recent
growth of methods of student self
government   at  Wisconsin. His

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