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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Editorial,   pp. [75]-76

Page 76

and to promote friendships between
the sons of a common Alma Mater.
Milwaukee not only has a larger
percentage of University of Wis-
consin graduates than any other
city except Madison, but its strate-
gic position as metropolis of the
state insures the presence of a con-
siderable number of out-of-town
alumni at the time of every dinner.
The secretary of the Milwaukee
Alumni Club is emphatic in his in-
vitation to graduates not residents
of  Milwaukee   to  attend  these
monthly reunions whenever and as
often as they happen to be in the
Cream City. This invitation de-
serves a  most hearty   response.
congratulates   the    Milwaukee
Alumni Club upon its progressive
spirit. By offering a rendezvous
for the alumni of the state the Mil-
waukee graduates are assisting ma-
terially in the good work of alumni
reorganization  and    awakening
which has been characteristic of the
last two years.
  The Chicago Alumni Club. has
,again proved its loyalty to the Gen-
eral Association. A letter was re-
cently sent by the secretary of the
Chicago alumni, asking the mem-
bers to join the General Alumni As-
sociation, and to become subscribers
to its official organ. The prompt
response given to this letter indi-
cates that the alumni of Chicago
are interested in the work of the
General Association and are anx-
ious to support it. Is not the ex-
ample of the Chicago Club worth
imitating?  Those in charge of the
Wisconsin Alumni Association are
making every effort to get the, offi-
cial organ into the hands of every
alumnus. But they cannot do the
work unaided. A letter by every
secretary of a local association to
the members of his club would do
a world of good in enrolling sub-
scribers  for   THE    WISCONSIN
ALUMNI .MAGAZINE. Every      new
subscriber means a new member of
the General Association. Let the
alumni join the Association to a
man, and the influence of that or-
ganization in shaping the future of
Alma Mater will be a most import-
ant factor.

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