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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Editorial,   pp. [75]-76

Page [75]

LT a factor the Uni-
rsity of Wisconsin is
moulding the charac-
r of the future citizen
Ld   in    equipping
oung America for life,
        must be apparent to every
one who examines the imposing list
of teaching appointments for the
present year printed in an earlier
section of this issue. Of this year's
graduating class alone, 132 have
chosen  the  noble profession of
teacher and educator for their life's
work. Assuming that each of these
comes into daily touch with but
twenty-five pupilsk, the number of
students  directly influenced by
members of this one graduating
class is over three thousand. The
great majority of appointments is
to positions in high schools. In
other words, the University of Wis-
consin, through   the  men   and
women she sends out, is an influ-
ence in the lives of thousands of
boys and girls at a time when they
are most impressionable and most
easily led and guided. Over three
thousand* young men and women
fitted for life by one university
graduating class-what an inspir-
ing thought! And what an ad-
monition to the university, at all
times to maintain the highest stan-
dards of morality and the most
rigid adherence to truth and right-
eousness, so that the twenty-five per
cent of each graduating class that
are directly responsible for the
training of the American citizen of
the next generation may be Prop-
erly equipped to meet the responsi-
bility that is theirs!
  The decision of the Alumni Club
of Milwaukee to hold men's dinners
on the first Thursday of every
month, and the cordial invitation
extended to Wisconsin graduates
not only of Milwaukee, but from all
over the state, to attend them, de-
serves the commendation of the
whole Alumni Association. What
monthly reunions of this nature can
do for Wisconsin spirit and for the
advancement of good fellowship
among the graduates, is shown in
the case of the Alumni Club of Chi-
cago, where monthly dinners have
in a great measure contributed to-
ward making the Chicago Club the
strongest local alumni association
in   existence. The   Milwaukee
alumni have, we believe, an even
greater opportunity to foster inter-
est in the University of Wisconsin,

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