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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Richardson, W. D.
The football outlook,   pp. [71]-74

Page [71]

        By W. D. RICHARDSON, '11
          LTHOUGH     it must be
          ,admitted  by  everyone
          that the showing made
          by the Badger football
          team   to date has not
          been one that is condu-
          cive   to   any   great
amount of optimism, yet any at-
tempts to criticize should be with-
held until later on in the season.
  Up -to the time of writing, Wis-
consin 'has played two games. The
first was against Lawrence ,on ,Oct.
8, when, for the first time'in our re-
lations with the northeii college,
the Badgers were 'held to-a tie, 6 to
6, Lawrence making her :scores on
two drop kicks, -and the cardinal
score coming as~the-result of a-well-
executed forwvard -pass, followed by
a true boot for a goa.
  Two weeks later, on Oct. 22.. we
played Indiana at Indianapolis and
went down in defeat, the score be-
ing 12 to 3.
  We were lucky in the Lawrence
game-and unlucky in the latter con-
te6t. "The Appletonians really de-
served a victory, for they outplayed
our men in almost every depart-
ment. Against Indiana, we *ere
unfortunate,. I said, because the
score, regardless of the merits of
the two teams, should have been 6
to 3, Indiana making the second
touchdown in the last half minute
of the second quarter on a sensa-
tional run by Halfback Gill, who
played a lion's share in the final
  'When we seek to find an excuse
  for the Lawrence game, many
  things may be said. In the first
  place, Lawrence   started  work
  nearly a-month earlier than we,
  conference teams being required to
  wait until Sept. 20. Another thing
  that favored them was the fact that
  they had already faced Minnesota
  and had passed through the "firsi
game period," which has proven so
disasterous to -many teams. They
were in better condition, had de-
veloped better :teamwork, both of-
fensively and_ defensively, and were
more fortunate Iin having a number
of veterans in the lineup. This,
added to the fact that their team
had been picked early and had been
Wlaying to~ether for some time.
gave them    a marked advantage
which nearly proved disasterous to
the cardinal.
  Coming to the Indiana game, we
-find nearly the same conditions
holding good. Uncertainty regard-
ing eligibles, constant shifting of
men as a result thereof, "green"
material, and a lack of previous
games, made the task of whipping a
team into shape to defeat the vet-
eran Hoosier aggregation, a well-
nigh impossible task. The conse-
quence was that when the Badgers
faced these Indianians they were
not going in anything like mid-sea-

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