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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Williams, Lynn S.
The decennial reunion of 1900,   pp. [66]-70

Page 70

sary follow-up appendages return-
able to Statistician Marvin.
  Now, until you have had a little
experience with. this sort of thing,
you will expect everybody at least
to sign the return post card and
mail it. But they won't. Human
nature isn't made that way, and
you can't change it. You can't
dresses, of those who did not stay
through  and   graduate.  On  the
other hand, some of the most en-
thusiastic bcosters of the reunion
idea were among those who were
with the class through only a part
of its scholastic career. Even to
the end of our campaign there re-
mained about fifteen per cent. of
expect to get replies all told from
more   than  two-thirds  of  your
mailing  list. You will have to
keep hard at it for weeks to do
that. Meanwhile the preparations
must go on in ignorance of the
number who will attend and of
funds which will be available.
  The record shows 318 graduates
in the class of 1900. Insofar as
possible the ex-members also were
included in our plans. We dis-
covered, however, that it is a very
difficult matter to get even the
nanmes, let alone the present ad-
the present addresses of graduates
which could not be learned, and
of the non-graduate members we
did not get the addresses of more
than twenty per cent. all told.
  Purely at a guess, therefore, we
had made to order regalia for 150
reunionists-parasols, ribbons, and
hosiery all in green and white for
the girls, and hat bands, neckties,
pennants, likewise hosiery for the
men. Both eds and co-eds were
supplied with souvenir pins-lit-
tle ivory elephants with the class
num erals   engraved   in   green.
(Concluded in December Issue.

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