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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Williams, Lynn S.
The decennial reunion of 1900,   pp. [66]-70

Page 68

the new faces and an unwonted
and unexpected loneliness.
  You expect to visit the old chill
once and again? Why not do it
now? Do it with the rest of the
bunch. You will find not only the
old surroundings, but also the old
faces, the old friends and the old
spirit made new. You will never
have such  a chance again.  The
class of 1900 is widely separated
now.  In ten years we'll be still
more   scattered. Already   some
have passed beyond.   Ten  years
will thin our ranks still more. This
is the first great Reunion of 1900.
We can never have a greater!
  It will add something to our
pleasure if you are there. Your
enjoyment of the Reunion will be
measured by the attendance of
your old chums. You want them.
And we want you. We have been
working hard to make this thing
a success.
  Now it's up to you.
  Won't you say Yes? And say
it soon? Send in your card at
once. If you were on the Arrange-
ment Committee you would      be
badgered to death to know how
many to arrange for. Then, too,
we want to print in the Reveille a
list of those who will come.
  Say you'll be with us, -even if
something should make it impos-
sible for you at the last moment.
We'll get some one to fill your
place if we have to. Come only
for one day if you can't be with
us longer.
  You have nothing in life that is
worth   more  to  you  than  old
friendships. And is it not worth
some trouble and, if need be, some
sacrifice to maintain and renew
  By Jove, you can't afford to
stay away!
  Yours for the time of your life
    P. S.-Accommodations in the
 University Y. M. C. A. building
 and nearby houses have been ar-
 ranged for the 1900 crowd at fifty
 cents per day."
   This, of course, had the neces-

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