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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Williams, Lynn S.
The decennial reunion of 1900,   pp. [66]-70

Page [66]

                By LYNN S. WILLIAMS
                Continued from October Number
M   ORROW'S offer of love and
      kisses to any who would
respond to his appeal for cash
was rewarded    at the reunion
luncheon with a song extempor-
ized by some of the girls. It was
funny to see how completely Mor-
row's nerve wilted when     this
band of brazen beauties besieged
him with
"Old Money Bag Morrow!
My! Wasn't he rash!
Offered love and sweet kisses
Just to get hold of our cash.
In money came rolling,
Dollars and dollars galore,
But where are the love and sweet
From Morrow, the man we adore ?
  Rumor has it that the tall and
handsome Money Bag privately
met the claims of a few preferred
   The boosting campaign was car-
ried on for several weeks by this
tri-weekly bombardment of mail
matter, when presently came the
following letter urging attendance
at the reunion:
  "Dear old Man:-
  What shall we say?
  What would you say if you had
this letter to write?
  You know what we want; we
want you to attend the Reunion.
   Why sho-old we care? Well, we
don't care any more than you do.
.But we care a whole lot. So do
you. It is an assured fact that
we shall have by far the greatest
Reunion in  the history  of any
Western University. And it is
your attendance and ours more
than any other one thing that will
make the Reunion, a success.
  No doubt you have gone back
to Madison, as have we. And what
have you found? The same old
buildings, the same old lake, the
same beloved   trees and  drives.
Yes, all these, but not the antici-
pated joy of "a visit to Madison."
And What was the reason? The
answer is in the changed customs,

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