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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Alumni teaching in China,   p. [65]

Page [65]

A N interesting comment upon
     the  international influence
     which the University of Wis-
consin is exerting is to be found in
the fact that five Wisconsin gradu-
ates are at present holding teaching
positions in colleges of the Celestial
  Ambrose P. Winston, '87, is pro-
fessor of economics at the School of
Finance, Peking.
  Sidney R. Sheldon, '94, has just
left for Siccawai, Shanghai, to
teach engineering at the Imperial
Polytechnic College of that metrop-
  Stanley K. Hornbeck, Ph. D. '09,
and Paul D. Merica, '08, are both
on the instructional force of the
Chekiang   Provincial 'college at
  Horatio B. Hawkins, '05, has for
several years Deen connectect wLn
Kiangsu Provincial College, Soo-
  A former Wisconsin student, L.
IH. Bolenz, ex-'10, who taught at
the Middle School of Chengtu, was
killed in July, 1910.
  It will be noted that all these
men are Americans. Last June the
University of Wisconsin for the
first time graduated three Chinese
students, and granted a higher de-
gree to four Chinese. Guoktsai
Chao of Shanghai, Yet C. Owyang
of Canton, and Chutung Tsai of
Shanghai received the degree of A.
B.; while the degree of A. M. was
granted   to    Lau-Chi    Chang
(Queen's College, Hongkong), of
Canton, in political science; Kung-
chao Chu (Harvard), of Nanking,
in political science; Ye Tsung Tsur
(Yale), of Shanghai, in education;
and Nae Tsung Woo (California),
of Chekiang, in political economy.
  As the number of native Chinese
at the University of Wisconsin-at
present over twenty-is constantly
increasing, the influence of the
Badger institution in Chinese af-
fairs is destined to become more
and more potent.

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