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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Teaching appointments 1910-1911,   pp. [55]-64

Page 61

   Miller, P. J., '10, professor of
 education, Carleton college, North-
 field, Minn.
   Moe, M. W., '04, Engish, Apple-
   Moffatt, Mary E., '09, history,
 Moore, Ethel E., '05, mathemat-
 ics, Madison.
   Moulton, L. H., '05, English,
  Mowry, Vivian, '10, fifth grade,
District 1, Milwaukee.
  Mueller, H. C. P., '10, German,
Memorial university, Mason City,
  Munroe, Maude M., '07, English,
Everett, Washington.
  Murley, Eva I., '10, German, his-
tory and science, Argyle.
  Murphy, Pauline, '10, English
and history, Waunakee.
  Mussehl, F. O., '10, principal,
ward school, Hibbing, Minn.
  Mutchler, Kate, '04, English, De
  ┬▒Iasn, Cuaroiyn L., "Lu, science,
Camp Point, Ill.
  Nash, F. R., '07, superintendent,
  Nelson, Olga T., '09, Latin and
German, Rhinelander.
  Newport, Mrs. Clara Price, Ph.
D., '08, instructor in German, Uni-
versity of Kansas, Lawrence.
  Nimtz, A. L., undergraduate,
principal, New Albin, Ia.
  O'Brien, Rosa A., '97, algebra
and physical geography, South Di-
vision High school, Milwaukee.
  O'Keefe, Mary C., '07, Latin and
English, Tomah.
   Oldenburg, F. W., undergradu-
 ate, principal, Brodhead.
   Olsen, K. G., '10, history and de-
 bating, Eau Claire.
   Olsen, F. L., '10, principal,
 Spring Valley.
   Osthoff, 0. P., '10, director of
 athletics, Agricultural college, Pull-
 man, Washington.
   Padley, Pearl C., '10, Latin and
 German, Cobb.
   Paris, Margaret I., undergradu-
 ate, English and history, Birnam-
 Parke, Gladys, '09, history and
 English, Park Falls.
 Parker, Amy, '08, English, Fen-
 Patterson, Marian H., '09, Eng-
 lish and history, Wausaukee.
 Peltier, G. L., '10, science, Wau-
 Pelton, Edith L., '07, history,
 Pelton, G. M., '09, commercial
subjects, Fort Morgan, Colorado.
  I'Ieiter, Jane, '10, science, West
  Phillips, Laura J., '10, history,
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
  Pierce, 1Helen M., '06, district
school, Cooke, Montana.
  Polzin, B. A., '08, history and
commercial subjects, Nelson Dewey
High school, Superior.
  Prescott, Kathryn E., '10, Latin
and English, Crandon.
  Priest, Gladys E. ,'10, .English,
  Pynch, J. A., '08, geology, Uni-
versity of  New   Mexico, Albu-

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