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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Teaching appointments 1910-1911,   pp. [55]-64

Page [55]

)RTY    more   requests,
were received this year
by the faculty appoint-
ment   committee   for
recommendations     of
students to fill positions
          as professors in other
universities and colleges, as super-
intendents and principals, and as
teachers in academies, high schools,
normal and graded schools, than
have ever been listed in the office
before. The list of 360 appoint-
ments for the coming year includes
positions on the Atlantic, Pacific
and Gulf coasts, and on the Cana-
dian border, and even one in Korea
and one in Honolulu.
There are forty-eight different
universities, colleges and academ-
ies, whose faculties received re-
cruits from Wisconsin's graduates,
~TAynf n-1-ei a ii +v±i in Mifohi-
graduates for  faculty  positions.
The high schools took by far the
greater number of the appoint-
ments, 228 having been made mem-
bers of high school faculties from
the number listed. Thirty-seven
of these are in states other than
  The list of appointments follows:
  Abels, Mrs. Margaret H., '10,
Latin, Sparta.
  Adams, Florence A., '10, science,
West De Pere.
  Adams, R. W., '10, principal,
Spring Green.
  Allen, Jessie, '10, English and
German, Cambridge.
  , Allen, Mary L., '10, French, etc.,
private school, Atchison, Kans.
  Allen, Ruth F., '05; A. M., '07;
Ph. D., '09, botany, State Agricul-
tural College, Lansing, Mich.
  Andrlmi  Vn]Inh. A '10 (4.rmin
gan, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania,
Vermont, Wisconsin, Maine, Iowa,
Washington, Minnesota,. Indiana,
Arizona, North Dakota, California,
South Dakota, Oregon, Texas, Kan-
sas, New Mexico, Louisiana, New
York,   Colorado,  Massachusetts,
Missouri and Hawaii.
  Superintendents of schools in
three cities were appointed from
among the Wisconsin graduates,
and principals in the schools of
thirty;eight cities, including thirty
in Wisconsin, and eight in other
states. Six normal and training
schools named    state university
and English, Brandon.
  Atwood, M. J., '10, principal,
  Baer, Edna L. iV., '09, history
and English, Plymouth.
  Baird, 0. W., '10, mathematics,
  Barr, Florence E., '09, German
and history, Hillsboro.
  Barry, Mary R., '10, ,mathemat-
ics and science, Juneau.
  Beath, J. W., '08, principal,
North Fond du Lac.
  Becher, M. A., '06; A. M., '10,
physics,  South  Division  High
school, Milwaukee.

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