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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Contents for November, 1910

Alumni AssoEiation of tVE  lverraty of CisroTsin
                      EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
Lynn S. Pease, '86, President
Mrs. Imogene H. Carpenter, '87. Vice-Pres,
Willard G. Bleyer, '96, Rec. Secretary
Matthew S. Dudgeon, '95, Treasurer
Albert J. Ochsner, '84
Elizabeth Waters, '85
J. Glenn Wray, '93
Lynn A. Williams, '00
cIr Thhiarnnsin Alumtni Aagazitr
                       Blox 1127
LOUIS P. LOCHNER, '09, Alumni Fellow in Journalism, Editor and Business Manager
         b12 S. Brearly Street   University Hall, Room 66
Samuel Fallows, '59
John B. Winslow, law '75
L S. Bradley, '75
Charles R. Evans, '81
John A. Aylward, '84
Wardon A. Curtis, '89
Mrs. T. E. Brittingham, '89
Ernest N. Warner, '89
Mary S. Foster, '94
Zona Gale, '95
A. 0. Barton, '96
Willard G. Bleyer, '96
Frank L. Gilbert, '99
Raymond B. Pease, 00
E. J. B. Schubring, '01
Mabel J. Bradley, '04
Max Loeb, '05
Louis Bridgman, '06
Edgar E. Robinson, '08
Kenneth F. Burgess, '09.
The Training of Teachers-EDWARD C. ELLIOTT
Teaching Appointments 1910-11  -    -
Alumni Teaching in China ...                  .
The Decennial Reunion of 1900 (continued)-LYNN A. WILLIAMS, '00
The Football Outlook-W. D. RICHARDSON, '11
Editorial  -
The Wisconsin Alumni Clubs
A Freshman's Devotion-S. OBATA, '13  -
University Legislation  -                      _   .
Progress of the University     -        _
Alumni News         -         _
-    51
-    65
  -  71
- -  75
   - 77
   - 81
-    89
THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE is published monthly during         the
   School Year (October to July, inclusive) at the University of Wisconsin.
SUBSCRIPTIONS-Including Annual Alumni Fees-$1.00 a year, foreign postage
   50 cents extra; life membership, including life subscription to the Magazine,
   $30, of which nine-tenths goes into .a permanent endowment fund.
CHANGES OF ADDRESS must be sent to the business manager before the 21st
   of the month to insure prompt delivery at the new address.
DISCONTINUANCES. Subscribers should notify the Association if they wish
   the Magazine discontinued at the expiration of the time paid for. If no
   notice is received, it will be understood that a continuance is desired.
REMITTANCES should be made payable to the Alumni Association of the Uni-
   versity of Wisconsin, and may be by check, draft, express or postal money
   order; personal checks should be drawn "Payable in exchange."
All mail
   should be addressed to
94t AumnUt A  0sorlatton of thte lintutratg of 1iswronsln, ]ox 1 127, fLaubsoun,
   Entered at the Post Office, Madison, Wis., as second class mail matter.

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