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Paul, Scott (ed.) / Wisconsin engineer
Volume 89, No. 4 (April 1985)


    Your mind has been stretched
by education, your skills sharpened by
training. Now your imagination is readv
to filx
    Your kind of company One that
extends the boundaries of technologyx
creating opportunities on which minds
liAp 71,r\1C t1hrlls
   /As * AcAdan pot 4                           _71
                                    Its time to dream, to reach out,    
 Aerospace and aircraft engines.
                               to dare. And to do it you need the space 
Medical diagnostic systems and robotics.
                               for achievement. You will find it in   Factorv
automation and microelectronics.
                               companies that challenge you to fulfill  CAD/CAM
and consumer electronics.
organization                   the potential of your mind.              Information
systems, plastics, and en-
e                                  One of them is General Electric.     gineered
materials. Plus future tech-
                                   There you will find a sense of    nologies
still in your imagination.
isconsin                       urgency that demands your very best,     
   A diversity vou could not find
358                            and stresses the individual's contribu-  anywhere
                               tion to the success of the enterprise.   
 Today your future is in your imag-
                               At GE there is a climate for excellence  ination,
and at General Electric. Reach
                               where excellence means rewarding you  for
(  I'I ~I I  l   -11 r   i,  ejII lu,.il  ,I ) it l uitx LiII  NC   r.
$ A     r giisturc tr.idenuk o (cnr.l 11cEtoit
when vou win-and rewardingyou
uwhenYou PT: the fuel for entrepreneur-
ship in a large corporation.
Nonprofit C
U.S. Postag
Madison, W
Permit No.
  4Wea,19P& al,_
/,W awrzr

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