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Washburn, F. E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 5, No. 2 (May 1901)

Notes,   pp. 221-225

Page 225

building. These lectures were so popular with the engineering
students and hill students as well, that it is thought that this
series of lectures compiled in book form would make an interest-
ing edition. The lectures are a good review of the engineering
progress during the last century and their compilation in book
form would place information, not now accessible, into the hands
of readers interested in engineering literature.
  As announced by invitations, the annual banquet of the U. NV,.
Engineers' Club was held at the Avenue Hotel, Friday evening,
'lay 24th.
  At nine o'clock 36 Cluib members and 8 honorary guests sat
down to a merry feast of viands and song. In keeping with the
general good taste of the banquet were the neat little menu cards,
-fancy little blue prints, made entirely by some of the members.
  About 12 o'clock the toast master, H. T. Plumb, with a few re-
marks about former banquets and peanut lunches of the Club,
called for the toasts of the evening.
  Dean Johnson responded with "The Ethics of the Engineer,"
presenting many good thoughts in his usual pleasing manner.
  President W. 1'. Hirschberg spoke for the Seniors in the toast
"Lookinig BackwXard,'' reciting manv of the changes and inci-
dents to the Clui) (luring these four years.
  "The Mayor," was the toast given by Prof. Storm Bull.
  NVith the toast, "Fields," WN. L. Thorkelson, for the
worked in many a sharp drive on the various classes and pro-
  "Reminiscences," was responded to 1y Prof. I). C. Jackson.
  The Sophomores xvere represented 1b J. \N. Cadbv with the
toast, "WNhat We Know."
  kV. W. Gore toasted "The Ambitions of the Freshmen."
  Prof. J. G. D. Mack spoke for the other professors, and
presented as a toast, "The U. W. Engineers' Club."
  "The Farewell from the Seniors," was given by Alvin Meyers.
  The banquet ended with the singing of the "Toast to Wiscon-
9 2,)

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