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Washburn, F. E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 5, No. 2 (May 1901)

Notes,   pp. 221-225

Page 222

Th).e -ß1W'iscoeusin Engieell.
  At a recent meeting of Tau Beta Pi, the honorary engineering
fraternity, six new members were elected to membership, their
recorcls for the three vears being of a sufficiently high standard
to qtalify thlem. The new me1nmbers are all of the class of I902.
Th1ev are as follows
  Herbert L. Whittemore, -M. E., of Madison; George A. Scott,
EB. E., of Cshkosh ; Milan R. Blump, E. E., of Spokane, Wash.
James W. Watson, E. E., of La Crosse; Chester H. Stevens,
(C. E., of Mason City, la.; Frank -I. -McCullouIgh, C. E., of Stur-
eColl Blay.
  At tile meeting of tile clay workers of tile state, held at 'Mad-
ison Februiary idth, Dr. E. R. BuMckle\y was elected secretary.
Dean Johnson gave a talk on tile use of brick and terra cotta.
  The state legislature lhas apl)roI)riate(l $30,000 for equipping the
new eng-inleering ltillding an(l Ilas increaseti tile anllnual income
of tile eng-ileerinlg college by $77500.
  'The W\isconlsin Alpha chlapter of Tau Beta li Ileld its tilird
annual i)anlquet April 24th. During tile even1ing Dean J. B. Joln-
son wNas initiated ilnto the fraternity.
  Ab)out thlirtv mernlers were present.  A bountiful 1nenu was
served in seven courses, after wilicil tile asseml)le(l fraters were
treated to anotlher feast in tile shlape of a prog-ramn of after din-
ner speeciles. Professor A. W\. Riclhter presided as toastmaster
in a faultless manner. His ever ready wvit employed itself in in-
trodiuciilg tile speakers so as to keep the banlqueters in iligh
  Professor J. G. D. _Mack started tlhe flow of eloquence with a
speeclh on "Rawv 1Material."  Budd Frankenfield associatedl
renilarks around the subject. "Grounds."   "The
Trestle Bent'"
was tile subject of Harry Severson's toast. Professor F. E. Tur-
neaure responded in a very able speech to tile sentimentt, "The
IEngineer in Politics." He mentioned the frequent necessity for
city engineers to become active in tile political field. Frank M.
MdcCulloughl spoke on "Riding the Goat." Tlhe program of
was concluded by Dean J. P. Johnson, wlho presented a graceful
and pointed speech on "The Finished Product." He urged
ilearers to become broadminded men and not limit their activity to
2*) _2

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