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Washburn, F. E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 5, No. 2 (May 1901)

DeLay, F. A.
The junior engineers' trip,   pp. 212-215

Technical graduates in power plants,   pp. 215-218

Page 215

Tech l ical Gradiates.
  This finished our trip. All of the students were well pleased,
and came back to work with many new ideas concerning practical
                                              F. A. DELAY.
  There is no doubt that the modern power plant offers a rare op-
portunity for the use of technical training such as is received at
our College of Engineering, and the followving abstract from the
"Engineer" Cleveland, O., may be of interest to many of
our pro-
spective graduates. "The technical school is the place where the
technical training, which every chief engineer of a large power
plant should have, may be procured at the least expense of time
and money. Such schools are even now numerous and so remark-
ably well equipped that no one who would set out to obtain a thor-
ough grounding in thermodynamics would hardly think of ob-
taining it in any other way, were it possible for him to attend
  Every year sees a new school established, yet the attendance
increases, the capacity of many, both of the oldest and Youngest,
being taxed to the limit. The technical schools are today grad-
uiating about 4,000 men a year, and it will be safe to predict that in
twenty years there will be over one hundred thousand technical
graduates in this country not beyond the prime of life. TI hese men
must find something to do. There is every reason why they
should enter the stationary power plant. The problems confront-
ing the users of power are problems that require the application to
them of the best trained minds. With the price of coal increasing,
competition growing sharper and the tendency to do things, and to
compel others to do them, on a large scale, becoming stronger, the
power plant will have need of men whose advantages have been
the very best.
  There is no line of engineering so vast, having a capacity to
give employment to so great an armv of trained men. There is
no branch in which ability has a better opportunity of finding a
profitable field, one in which men of brain can make places for
themselves without crowdling others out.

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