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Washburn, F. E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 5, No. 2 (May 1901)

DeLay, F. A.
The junior engineers' trip,   pp. 212-215

Page 214

T4Th1e 1i71sconisin Eyignineer.
  Wednesday forenoon was occupied by our visit to the Western
Electric Co. This company manufactures telephones, dynamos,
motors and electrical supplies of all kinds. The insulating of
copper wire, the manufacture and testing of telephone cables, arc
lights, motors and dynamos were a few of many instructive-things
to ibe seen at the Western.
  The party divided in the afternoon, the mechanicals going to
the Northwestern Repair Shop and the electricals going to two of
the Chicago Edison power houses.
  Thursday morning the entire party took the train for South
Chicago. The first place visited was the South Works of the Ill.
Steel Co., where the sights seen were the most spectacular of the
whole trip. We saw the entire process of steel-rail making from
the time the molten metal came from the furnace, until the rails
were loaded upon the cars. In the Bessemer converter house,
three converters were seen in operation. In the railmill, steel-
rails were being rolled from the large ingots. The open-hearth
method of making steel was also seen at the South Works.
  After dinner the party went to the Scuth Chicago Ship Build-
ing Company's yards, where several large steel vessels for ocean
travel were seen in the process of construction. The North-west-
ern, which has been recently launched, was seen in the nearly fin-
ishe(l form.
  Friday morning the entire party visited the power house of the
Metropolitan Elevated. This is a very large and "up-to-date"
power house, all of the dynlamos being of the large direct-con-
nectedi type.
  From the power house the mechanicals went to the Crane Pipe
WAorks anid the electricals went to the Chicago Telephone Co.
excilange. The Crane Pipe Works were not in operation (luring
the visit.
  The Telephone exchange of the Chicago Telephone Co. is an
excellent example of a large modern telephone exchange.
This exchange handles five thousand subscribers. Lamp signals
are tsed on the boards.
  In the afternoon we visited the packing house district and
wcnt through the plants of Jwift and Libby, McNeill & Libby.
Dotn of these places afforded very interesting sights.

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