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Washburn, F. E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 5, No. 2 (May 1901)

DeLay, F. A.
The junior engineers' trip,   pp. 212-215

Page 213

En gineers' Trip.
Here were seen many very interesting things. The large, twelve-
thousand horse-power, vertical, engine, then. in course of con-
struction, was the center of attraction. This engine was about
fifty feet in height and occupied about twenty-five hundred square
feet of floor space.
  The next morning we visited the Christenson Eng. Co. and the
Schlitz brewery. The chief article manufactured b)v the Christen-
son Engineering Co. is an electric air-compressor. In their
foundry we saw the crucible process of making steel.
  At the Schlitz brewery we were shown the entire plant. The
bottling department and the keg factory were the most interesting
  At noon we went to the city hall in order to see the tower clock.
The clock is operated by compressed air. All of the mechanism
was made by the Johnson Electric Service Co., and the gong was
cast in a Milwaukee foundry.
  In the afternoon the party visited The Vilter MIfg. Co., The
Nordberg Engine Co., and the Johnson Electric Service compan\'.
The Vilter Mfg. Co. have quite a large factory and are engaged,
almost exclusively, in the manufacture of ice making and ref riger-
ating machinery.
  At the Nordberg Eng. Co. are manufactured the well-known
engines of that name, also stamp-mills and other mining ma-
  The Johnson Electric Service Co. are the manufacturers of the
Johnson humidistat, Johnson thermostat and tower clocks. The
manufacture and testing of the thermostat was quite interesting.
Prof. Johnson's shops are certainly mo(lel in all respects. The
cleanliness of the place and the systematic methods employed were
very striking.
  We returned to The Pfister for supper and at 7:I5 took the
train for Chicago.
  All of the students had enjoyed the two days' stay in i\Iilwau-
kee and felt very grateful to Prof. Johnson for the kindness which
he had shown us.
  Upon our arrival at Chicago we were greeted with the 'Varsity
yell given by a dozen or more of our loyal alumni. We went
directly to the Briggs House where most of the party registered.

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