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Godfrey, Kneeland, Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 59, Number 4 (January 1955)

[Contents] Wisconsin engineer,   pp. 5-[8]

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THE PERCENTAGE of hydrogen in       gen in the sample is computed from
liquid hydrocarbons can be determined  these measurements and a calibration
by making two simultaneous measure- curve. The new instrument shown here,
ments on the sample to give (1) density a Standard Oil development, measures
and (2) the absorption rate for beta the beta ray absorption rate.
rays. The weight percentage of hydro-
used to speed hydrogen measurement
The problem: How to measure the percentage of
hydrogen in organic compounds in a short time.
  The established process was combustion. It
took about four hours, and so discouraged the
use of hydrogen determinations. But such
analyses are increasingly important. Processes
in the petroleum and chemical industries often
involve hydrogenation or dehydrogenation. In
addition, the percentage of hydrogen is an
index to the performance of critical fuels such
as those used in jet planes.
  A rapid method for measuring 'hydrogen
content would therefore be a great help in
both research work and plant control. Standard
Oil's Engineering Research Department, spe-
cialists in solving technical problems, took on
this challenging assignment.
  A new machine-a beta ray hydrogen ana-
lyzer-was invented and constructed. It gives
results in five minutes, and is twice as accu-
rate as the old combustion method. It is so
easy to operate that a laboratory technician
can use it.
  Problems such as this are met continually
in Standard Oil laboratories. They offer an
opportunity for young men with training in
chemistry and engineering to test their knowl-
edge, skill and ingenuity.
                Standard Oil Company
                          910 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago 80, Illinois

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