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Binning, Jack (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 58, Number 1 (October 1953)

Welding awards,   pp. 58-61

Page 61

What's Happening at CRUCIBLE i
        about Alnico Permanent Magnets
Cm5S_  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                    4  4, 44  ~~4~//
You will find Crucible Alnico Permanent Magnets in
products ranging all the way from cuff links to mag.
natrons. Here are just a few unusual applications in
which these magnets were used to simplify or improve
a product.
This is Warren, age 4, a cerebral palsied youngster, using magnetic
toys in therapy-play.
The Children's Rehabilitation Institute has pioneered
techniques t-o help these handicapped children gain
maximum muscular control and coordination. Expe-
rience at the Institute has shown that the use of mag.
netized toys helps develop coordination in hand and
arm use, and in grasping and releasing.
Cuff Li[n s One manufacturer of cuff links had
          a happy idea. He replaced the stem with
          a magnet assembly designed by Crucible
          magnet engineers. The tiny, powerful
  H        aspirin-sized magnets used, gave the fin-
       <   ished product a holding force at the pole
   0      plate as high as 80 ounces troy.
Enlarged cross section view of one cuff link.
Telescrilber-Ilecorder In one application,
lor this instrument that transmits
written messages over wire, two
permanent magnets were being
used to match the electromagnetic
fields. Assembly time and unit
costs were high. Crucible magnet
Magnetic Toys Cerebral palsied youngsters at the
Children's Rehabilitation Institute, Cockeysville, Mary-
land, are unable to play with normal toys. Their lack of
muscular coordination and control, causes ordinary blocks
or toys to slip through their grasp and fall to the floor.
Crucible helped overcome this problem by imbedding
small permanent magnets in the toys. By using these
magnet-equipped toys on metal topped tables, the children
are able to control them much more easily.
Top bar Crucible  specialists designed one perma-
Alnico; lower bar
(replacing former  nent Alnico magnet to replace the
2nd magnet) pro- two. Magnet costs were cut 50%
vides return path.  . .. and efficiency of the unit was
Engineering Service Available
Perhaps your magnet problems are entirely different
from these. Whatever they may be, our staff of mag-
net and electronic engineers will be glad to tackle
them, and to work with you in meeting your magnet
requirements. Don't hesitate to call us when you have
an application for permanent magnets.
                                CRUCIBLE            first name in special
purpose steels
        53,a~va,                  s
Midland Works, Midland, Pa.  *  Spaulding Works, Harrison, N. J.  *  Park
Works, Pittsburgh, Pa.  .  Spring Works, Pittsburgh, Pa.
National Drawn Works, East Liverpool, Ohio  *  Sanderson-Halcomb Works, Syracuse,
N. Y.  .  Trent Tube Company, East Troy, Wisconsin

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