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Hacker, Robert W. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 53, Number 4 (January 1949)

W. M. H.; R. R. J.
The way we see it,   pp. 17-32 ff.

Page 23

MaKzng television nistory, JirsT coverage of air-sea maneuvers demonstrates
             value of research by RCA Laboratories to our armed forces.
Picture the advantage-in military oper-
ations-when commanding officers can
watch planes, troops, ships maneuver at
tong range ...
  This new use of television was seen by
millions when the aircraft carrier Leyte-as
Task Force TV-maneuvered at sea before
a "battery" of 4 RCA Image Orthicon tele-
vision cameras.
  Seventy planes - Bearcats, Avengers,
Corsairs-roared from Leyte's flight deck
and catapult ... dived low in mock attack
... fired rockets. And an escorting de-
stroyer stood by for possible rescues.
  Action was beamed by radio to shore,
then relayed over NBC's Eastern television
network. Reception was sharp and clear on
home television receivers...
Said high officials: "The strategic impor-
tance of television in naval, military, or
air operations was dramatically revealed"
. . ."There is no doubt that television will
serve in the fields of intelligence and
  Use of television as a means of military
communications is only one way in which
radio and electronic research by RCA Lab-
oratories serves the nation. All facilities of
RCA and NBC are available for develop-
ment and application of science to national
security ... in peace as well as war.
When in Radio City, New York, be sure to
see the radio, television and electronic won-
ders at RCA Exhibition Hall, 36 West 49th
Street. Free admission. Radio Corporation of
America, RCA Building, Radio City, N. Y. 20.
   Continue your education
       with pay-at RCA
Graduate Electrical Engineers: RCA
Victor-one of the world's foremost manu-
facturers of radio and electronic products
-offers you opportunity to gain valuable,
well-rounded training and experience at
a good salary with opportunities for ad-
vancement. Here are only five of the many
projects which offer unusual promise:
* Development and design of radio re-
ceivers (including broadcast, short wave
and FM circuits, television, and phono-
graph combinations).
* Advanced development and design of
AM and FM broadcast transmitters, R-F
induction heating, mobile communications
equipment, relay systems.
* Design of component parts such as
coils, loudspeakers, capacitors.
* Development and design of new re-
cording and producing methods.
* Design of receiving, power, cathode
ray, gas and photo tubes.
Write today to National Recruiting Divi-
sion, RCA Victor, Camden, New Jersey.
Also many opportunities for Mechanical
and Chemical Engineers and Physicists.
Now television'sta'nds wutch "af sea

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