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Hacker, Robert W. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 53, Number 4 (January 1949)

Drops, I. R.
Static,   p. 16

Page 16

by I.R. Props
  "How far is it to the next filling station?" the driver
asked the farmer.
  "Nigh onto two miles as the crow flies."
  "Well how far is it if the damned crow has to walk
and roll a flat tire?"
                     *    *     *
  Every man likes to see a broad smile, and some of them
  Doc: "How is that little boy doing who swollowed the
half dollar?"
  Nurse: "No change vet."
  She: "I'd love to be kissed but you'll have to shave
  He: "Yeah, there's a suction pump over in the heat
power lab. I'm entering the St. Pat beard growing con-
  "Last night my girl finally said 'yes'."
  "Good, when's the wedding?"
  "Wedding? What wedding?"
                     *    *     *
  "How about a date?"
  "Can't, I've got to study, got a blood test in the morn-
                     *    *     *
  Never let success turn your head-you might wring
your neck in the process.
                     *    *     *
  "Damn," said the ram, as he hurtled over the cliff, "I
didn't see the U-turn."
                     *    *     *
  St. Pat was an engineer. Are you?
                     *    *     *
          He kissed her on her ruby lips-
          It was just a harmless frolic
          But though he kissed her only once,
          He died of painter's colic.
                    *    *     *
  Then there was the guy that winked at the elevator
girl. She took him up.
                    *    *     *
  "I'm losing my punch," said she as she left the party
in a hurry.
                    *    *     *
  Then there is the girl who has a special dress. She al.
ways wears it to teas.
                    *    *     *
  Did you hear about the fellow who gave his girl a
past for Christmas instead of a present.
                    *    *     *
  You'll have more time for exams, if you grow a beard.
                    *    *     *
  E. E.: "Can I borrow your dress bow tie?"
  Room mate: "What's the matter, couldn't you find it?"
                    *r   *     *
  Imagine the newsboy's embarrassment when he opened
the wrong door in the depot waiting room and yelled:
"Extra paper."

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