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Hartnell, June (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 49, Number 9 (May 1945)

Hartnell, June
Thought much about Latin America?,   pp. 12-13

Page 12

Thought Much About
                                                           T .ODAY Latin
America is closely
                                  _;____________linked to the United States
the common ideal of freedom. But
Nature has also linked the countries
together with physical ties. And to-
day these two links are working to-
gether, building up a third-eco-
nomic solidarity.
  When the war first broke out, the
Americas found themselves without
many vital engineering materials
vital to industry. Many of these
were present in the Latin Americas,
but they hadn't been built up. With
the threat of the Axis, the countries
had to look to each other for as-
sistance. Even then, though, it was
not a new idea; it was one for which
some far-sighted Americans had
worked hard and long. The dream
has not been fulfilled to nth degree,
but it is reaching out and causing
much political unity among groups
of nations.
  Through the products of engi-
neering, international services, and
contacts of engineering companies
and agencies, the Latin Americas
are being aided in the building up
of their natural resources.
  There are twenty independent na-
tions in Latin America, not includ-
ing the United States. In Central
America there are Costa Rica, El
Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Gua-
temala, Panama, and Honduras.
Cuba, Haiti, and Dominican Repub-
lic are the three island countries.
The other ten-Argentina, Brazil,
Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay,
Uraguay, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and
Ecuador-are the republics of South
America. Together these twenty
nations have a combined area of
over 8,000,000 square miles and a
population of about 125,000,000
people. They, before the war, de-
pended on the production of other
countries. For instance, in 1940,

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