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Niles, Donald E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 48, Number 7 (March 1944)

May, Harold
Shrink fitting of metals,   p. 7

Page 7

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  Only a week or two ago most of
the engineering school was busy
paying fitting homage to St. Patrick
(the engineer of all engineers), as
has been custom at Wisconsin since
1912. Behind these annual St. Pat
activities lies a history colored with
parades, rotten-egg fights with law-
yers, public kissing of the blarney
stone, etc., etc.
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7. PAT
of St. Pat buttons, the quotas being
determined by the enrollment in
the various schools. After these are
sold the societies vie against each
other in selling tickets to the St.
Pat dance. The candidate repre-
senting the society which obtains
the greatest number of points by
selling tickets and buttons is then
officially declared "St. Pat" at the
dance. This year the honor went to
Arleigh Larson, mechanical engi-
  Beard-growing contests are also
held along with the St. Pat elec-
tions every year. All engineers are
eligible for this contest, the only
requirement being the growth of a
beard. The candidate with the most
artistic beard in the eyes of the
judges is picked at the dance. This
year's best beard was that of George
Zuehlke, civil engineer.
   Below we present brief descrip-
tions of the St. Pat contestants for
  Polygon board, made up of rep-
resentatives from the engineering
societies, plans and controls all of-
ficial St. Pat activities, including the
rules governing the election of "St.
Pat." The candidates who compete
for this title each year are elected
by the various engineering societies,
one candidate from each group.
The societies, led by the respective
candidates, then sell given quotas
  Arleigh came to the University
of Wisconsin from Oshkosh Teach-
ers College where he received two
years of schooling. His home is in
Wautoma, Wisconsin. Arleigh has
spent his recent summer vacation
working on a farm and in a can-
ning factory.
  His yearn for stamp collecting
has been superseded by photogra-
phy since attending university. He
owns several cameras and other
photographic equipment.
  In high school Arleigh partici-
pated in track, dramatics, and ad-
vertising. While going to Oshkosh
State Teachers College he became a
member of the Men's Association
and Lyceum. Now attending the
University of Wisconsin he is at
present vice-president of Triangle
having held the office of president
previously. He is a member of
  Arleigh has accepted a position
with Western Electric in Chicago
for whom he plans to work upon
graduation. At present he is en-

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