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Niles, Donald E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 48, Number 7 (March 1944)

Jacobson, Glenn
Introduction,   pp. 2-3

Page 2

The promise of plastics, in the after-war
years, holds so much for manufacturers and
consumers alike that perhaps we should learn
a little more about the nature of these new
Of prime significance, chemically made plas-
tics are unlike any structural material we
have had to work with in the past.
Plastics are the product of chemistry. They
are one of the outstanding examples of the
chemist's ability to produce-out of coal,
petroleum, air, salt, and other basic elements
-totally new substances.
Important to an understanding of plastics is
that they differ widely in their property
For example, some plastics are extremely
tough and withstand rough usage. This is
true of Ethocel-one of the Dow plastics.
Other types are pliable. Some have almost
optical qualities in their clarity. Others pos-
sess excellent electrical insulating value. Some
withstand heat and others extreme cold.
Among Dow plastics possessing some of
these properties to a high degree is Styron-
a plastic especially valuable as an electrical
insulator and having many other uses where
lustrous beauty or resistance to acids and
alkalis are factors of importance. Saran, on
the other hand, is notable for its tensile
strength and flexibility, which make it widely
used for such products as tubing, woven
fabrics and rope. Ethocel, in a special formula,
is especially strong and tough at extremely
low temperatures.
The important point to remember is that
the science of plastics is progressing rapidly.
Already there exist many specialized plastics
for specific applications. As our knowledge
of both plastic compositions and the tech-
niques for handling them increases, these new
materials will undoubtedly become even more
widely used than is now planned.
         Dow Plastics include
Styron, Saran, Saran Film, Ethocel
           and Ethocel Sheeting
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