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Niles, Donald E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 48, Number 7 (March 1944)

[Cover],   pp. [unnumbered]-[1]

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                                   HIS is the first issue of a new semester
and is put out by a practically
                          W5        brand new staff. We hope that you enjoy
it and find something in it
                                    to interest you-besides the Static.
                           The first article is on the shrink fit of metals.
The author is Harold May, new
                         Assistant Editor. If you find the time, you can
read a small digest of his short,
                         but eventful life in the back of the magazine.
                           Next comes the St. Pat's Candidates, an interview
article by Ed Brenner. Ed,
                         a new staff member, is a senior Chemical.
                            "Standards Lab" is written by John
Tanghe, a senior EE. This is a fine de-
                         scription of the work done on an almost unknown
part of the campus.
                            Following this, John's regular column-Campus
Notes. Included in the write-
                         up is a chronological description of the happenings
of St. Pat's week. Not includ-
                         ed, however, is the description of some of the individual
clashes between engine
                         men and shysters. Two members of the staff received
broken noses when attacked
                         by the deranged lawyers.
                            Walt Graham does a commendable job in his "Mathematical
Morsels." It is
                          his hobby to gather sidelights upon the science
of numbers.
                            Arnold Ericsen's Alumni Notes come next. Arne,
a senior ChE, is termed a
                          woman hater-a phenomenon that we can't figure out.
Anyone who knows the
                          cure for this odd and curious ailment will be given
one small herring if he can
                          bring forth a change in the lad.
                            The Static (humor) is written by a couple of
seniors-Dave Scheets and Lee
                          Evans. They figure they have nothing to lose, like
getting kicked out of school.
                          About five pages of material were turned in by
these two "funny men," but about
                          three were of a type that couldn't be told to an
old maid aunt. The remains will
                          be found scattered between the better articles.
                            The final part of the magazine is an obituary
(or is it biography?) of the new
                          staff. Included with the written material are a
couple of pin-up pictures.
                            You may wonder what has become of the staff.
Most of them have graduated
                          and one of the Assistant Editors-namely Gene Daniels-has
decided to take a
                          small vacation from the brutal labors of the University.
However, we hope to
                          have an article by our intellectual EE in a later
                            Two new members of the staff are Tom Lee and
June Hartnell, a couple of
                          EE's. Tom hails from Fox Point, a large metropolis
about three miles east of
                          Milwaukee. June, one of the few coeds in Engineering,
really knows what it is all
                          about as she is in the upper ten per cent of her
                            Those of you readers who would be interested
in joining the staff, contact any
                          of the staff members and I can assure you that
you will be welcome.
                            On to the magazine.

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