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Janett, Leslie G. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 39, Number 2 (November, 1934)

Alumni notes,   pp. 30-31

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  BERG, LOUIS L., '32, is in the Superior office of the
Wisconsin Highway commission.
  SHORE, FRANKLIN K., '28, writes from China, "I joined
Messrs. Palmer & Turner, architects, surveyors, and civil
engineers, Shanghai, as engineer in August, 1932. I was
transferred to Hongkong to design the structure for the
new Hongkong & Shanghai Bank building, Hongkong. The
tower portion of this building has a height of over 200 ft.
and is comparatively narrow. After completing the design,
I was transferred to Messrs. Logan and Amps, consulting
engineers and constructional managers, Hongkong, to take
part in the design and supervision of the construction of
the building." Shore, who is a Chinese, had four years' ex-
perience in the design of tall buildings in New York City
before he returned to China in 1929.
  SCHUYLER, PHILIP K., '21, president of the Federal
Bridge Company and secretary of the American Toll Bridge
Association, died at Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D. C.
  HURD, JOHN T., '01, died at La Crosse on May 8. He is
survived by Mrs. Hurd and a daughter. At the time of his
death he was city engineer of La Crosse, which position he
had held since 1927. His experience included service as en-
gineer for the Province of Isabella in the Philippine Islands
and as resident engineer for the Canton-Hankow Railway in
China. He was a captain in the engineering corps during
the World War.
  ERICHSEN, FRANK P., '32, formerly superintendent of
the soil erosion control camp at Gilmanton, Wisconsin, has
been with the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation at the Denver
office since June.
  ALBERTS, HARRY C., '24, is engaged in a successful
patent law practice in Chicago. After graduation, Alberts
received an appointment to the U. S. Patent Office as junior
examiner, later leaving that position to complete his studies
at the Chicago Law School.
  WEBB, W. R., '17, is now business manager of the Webb
Brothers Company of Sioux City, Iowa.
  RICHTER, PROF. ARTHUR, '89, M. E.'91, a former pro-
fessor here and dean of engineering at the University of
Montana, died at Missoula, Montana, in September at the
age of 70 years.
  Professor Richter, while at Wisconsin, was elected to
Tau Beta Pi and also gained distinction by graduating with
the highest honors of his class. He continued his education
at Cornell University where he received his M. M. E. degree.
Returning to his alma mater, he became assistant professor
of steam engineering and professor of experimental engi-
neering. In 1908 he was named consultant engineer for
the State Board of Control. He left this position and his
professorship in 1909 to become dean of engineering at the
University of Montana.
  Professor Richter was the inventor of improvements for
fruit sizing machines and appliances which he developed
while president of the Fruit Appliance Company of Yakima,
Washington. He was a member and past president of the
Montana Society of Engineers and also a member and past
president of the Wisconsin Alumni Association of Montana.
  KRAUT, RALPH J., '30, has been transferred from the
publicity to the accounting department of the General Elec-
tric Company at Schenectady.
  KEHL, RALPH H., '32, was married on July 21 at Racine
to Dorothy E. De Long, ex'34, of Racine. They will make
their home at 203 Doty Apts., Neenah. Mr. Kehl is with
the Kimberly-Clark Paper Mills.
  RODRIGUEZ, SUMNER, '16, is now located in San Fran-
cisco as a sales executive with the S. 0. Company of Cali-
fornia. He is living at 1470 Alvarado, Burlingame, Cal.
  BLOEDORN, C., '34, has a position with the Galland
Henning Company of Milwaukee.
  QUAST, G., '34, is working for the Harnishfeger Corpo-
ration of Milwaukee.
  KARSTEN, WALTER F. R., '31, is engaged in commercial
engineering for the General Electric Company. His address
at the company is Room 315, Building 2, Schenectady, N.Y.
  ZIMMERMANN, 0. B., '96, M. E.'00, was presented with
an honorary life membership in the Society of Automotive
Engineers at the October 2 meeting of the Chicago Section
of the society. The membership was given "for distin-
guished service rendered to the society.
  ERDMAN, EDWARD, '34, is continuing his education at
the Milwaukee Extension Division where he is enrolled in
the graduate class conducted by members of the faculty of
the Mining and Metallurgy department.
  MADISON, FRANK H., '13, and family returned to their
Washington, D. C., home in August after a six weeks stay
in Denver. Mr. Madison is chief of the mining section in
the Bureau of Internal Revenue, and the Denver visit was
made in the interests of the government.
  CRAWFORD, H. DEAN, '27, recently with the Common-
wealth Telephone Company at Wausau, Wisconsin, has re-
turned to New Mexico where he formerly was associated
with the United Verde Copper Company. This time he is
employed by the Peru Mining Company at Deming.
  DORMER, GEORGE G., '31, is with the Wisconsin Power
and Light Co. in Beloit.
  LAUTZ, HAROLD, '34, is with the U. S. Forest Service
in Milwaukee.
  TRELEVEN, ARTHUR, '33, who received a Master of
Science degree in metallurgy last year has returned to the
University to continue his studies.
  CATLIN, JOHN, '30, who was elected Prom King in 1929,
is working for the Kimberly-Clark Corporation in Neenah,
  ZUEGE, DAVD C., '21, who is connected with the Sivyer
Steel Casting Company of Milwaukee, is chairman of the
Milwaukee chapter of the American Society for Metals
which held its annual Madison meeting on October 6. He
has been listed as a speaker for a six weeks' course in
metals to be given by the Society in the administration
building of Marquette University.
  LACHER, JACK H., '31, who was a former business
manager of the "Engineer" is still with the du Pont Celo-
phane Company, Old Hickory, Tennessee. He was married
on May 12, to Miss Thelma Graham of Madison, Tennessee.
  RIEBETH, THEODORE J., M. S., has been appointed an
instructor of mechanical drawing on the engineering faculty
of Marquette University. In addition to his mechanical in-
struction, Mr. Riebeth will be in charge of photographic
research at the university.
November, 1934
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