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Smart, John W. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 27, No. 3 (December 1922)

von Kaas, H. K.
Alumni notes,   pp. 46-X

Page 46

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  After two days of handshaking with the old timers were
over with, "The Notes" hied himself to a deep and dark
retreat, and drowned his football sorrows in a compilation
of the following list of alumni who dropped in to climb the
old "E. B." stairs again, and see if the Steam and Gas
was still there:
  N. C Richardson, m '22; C. F. Watson, c 10'; Walter 0.
Zervas, c '22; Leon Chase, c '22; L. H. Kessler, c '22; A.
F. Frederickson, m '18; M. K. Drewry, m '22; C. F. Moore,
m '18; 0. A. Richter, mn '12; C. L. Erickson, m '22; C. P.
Parsons, e '22; Horace K. Drau, m; J. B. Wilkinson, m
16; Ben Zelonky, c '22; A. Maldaner, c '96; F. C. Horni-
brook, e '22; H. Margoles, c '21; C. R. Oestreich, c' 17;
E. Anderson, m '18; "Bill" Rheingans, c '20; H. G. Lindner,
e '21; C. W. Zachow, m '15; D. V. Slaker, Min '20; C. A.
Balch, e '19; Frank Karger, c '20; C. W. Hejda, e '07, c
'08; V. R. Anderson, m '08; A. F. Buchholtz, m '18; W. W.
Schilling, c '12; A. E. Cummings, c '21; A. H. Hoppe, m
'17; C. C. Douglas, m '03; J. Donohue, c. 07; A. A. Ort, c
12; E. A. Kaumheimer, e '16; E. K. Fanta, m '17; G. Bar-
land, e '22; F. A .Buese, m '22; W. G. Hansen, m '20; A. P.
Gerhardt, m '21; A. Larsen, m 0'5; R. Wood, e '17; R. L.
Paulus, e '22; W. C. Thiel, c '22; 0. Pfeffer, Min '22; A. J.
Liebert, m '20; C. M. Lewis, m '16; J. 0. Merrill, ex '18;
A. J. Huegel, ch '22; D. S. Dewire, e '22; 0. Wallman, m
,22; A. H. Gruppe, c '22; G. F. Schubring, c '22.
  Max L. Rather, c '13, is president of the Wisconsin
Alumni Club at Cincinnati.
  Herbert 0. Lord, c '20, writes from Johnson's Falls, Criv-
itz, Wisconsin, under date of November 23, as follows:
"As for dope, I am up here in what is left of the wilds of
Wisconsin as resident engineer for Mead & Seastone, who,
as consulting engineers for the Northeastern Power Com-
ing the construction of a 4400-kva hy-
dro-electric plant. The site is about 15
miles west of Crivitz (thenearesttown),
and four miles downstream from High
Falls on the Peshtigo River. The dam
is about 550 feet long and builds up a
head of 43 feet. The station will be
automatically operated with the control
at High Falls. One operator will be
required whose chief duties will be oil-
ing and inspecting. The power will go
over the lines of the Wisconsin Public
Service Corporation at Green Bay and
surrounding  territory.  The construc-
tion was begun the first of last March
and will be completed before next
March rolls along.
  "Bill Rheingans, c '20, writes: "En-
closed you will find the price of an-
   .X  J~ato U  bU~lL OIJlI wrnicn l am
HERBERT 0. LORI) gladly forwarding. I could send in
                   enough money to cover about ten years'
subscription but I wouldn't have the fun each year of
sitting down and making out a check to the magazine.
Kind of keeps a fellow in touch with the old days, and
reminds him that there still is an engineering school at
  Harry Margoles, c '21, is in the construction department
of the Inland Steel Co., at Indiana Harbor, Ind.
  A "round robin" has been started by six of the '22 civils,
Barnes, Christianson, Kessler, Moehlman, Rove, and Thiel.
The letter has made the rounds once and is on its second
trip. A convenient envelope has been designed by Barnes
     and supervised by Mead and Scastone.
so that postcards, clippings, and photos may be included
with the letters.
  C. B. Christianson, c '22, underwent an operation on Oc-
tober 3. He spent three weeks in St. Michael's Hospital
in Stevens Point, Wis. He expects to be back at work at
the American Bridge Co., in Gary, about December 15.
  A. H. Gruppe, c '22, is in the Way and Structures de-
partment of T. M. E. R. & L. Co., Milwaukee. Address:
47th and National Ave., Milwaukee.
  W .F. (Bill) Moehlman, c '22, who is with the Highway
Commission in the northern part of Wisconsin, has been
observing the ways and habits of the well known insect
that makes night hideous in the average small hotel. He
gives the following receipe for dealing with them:  (1)
Look over the bed and walls before turning out the light.
If you find eight (8) or less, just go to bed and bear with
them until they have taken their share of your blood and
then scratch yourself to sleep. This will take 1+ hour.
(2) If there are from 8 to 20, take off all night clothes and
put on your socks. The socks will keep them off your feet
as it is hard to scratch your feet and back at one time. If
one has no clothes on they can find good handy spots to
bite which are easily scratched. Let them bite at will, but
at intervals of fifteen minutes get up, light the light, and
kill as many as you can. This process taken from 2 to 4
hours before sleep is to be had. (3) If there are more
than 20 you are out of luck. Either go out and sleep
under the skies, or set fire to the hotel and leave town.
  John J. Oberly, ch '20, is with the International Harvester
Co. in the gray iron foundry. Address: 3210 Arthington
St., Chicago, Ill. (Continued on page 52)
VOlUnle 27, NO- 3

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