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Smart, John W. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 27, No. 3 (December 1922)

Editorials,   pp. 44-45

Page VII

December, 1922
The Wisconsin Engineer
; I..
Eclipse of the sun
T HIS is the month when the sun is outshone, and
   we mortals draw greater warmth and sustenance
from that homely provender-mince pie.
  It is the warmth of the holiday spirit, which causes
human hearts to glow when temperatures are lowest.
Mother's cooking- the family united-Christmas
trees and crackling logs-what would this world be
without them?
  In promoting the family good cheer the college
man's part is such that modesty often blinds him to it.
  It would hardly occur to the glee club man to sing
over the songs of Alma Mater for the still Dearer
One at home.
  The football man would scarcely suspect that his
younger brother is dying to have him drop-kick for
the "fellers".
  The Prom leader would not presume to think that
among those sisters who have been waiting to share
Ills -- y1; ad tr4u -4A  J Llc hf-  h is i-t1r.
                                  And in general, college men would scorn
to believe
     Published in              that any conversational prowess they might
possess on
 the interest of Elec          books, professors or campus activities could
 trical Development by        interest a certain Gentleman Who Foots the
an Institution that will          But just try it, all of you. The welcome
you get
be helped by what.            will warm the cockles of your heart.
   ever helps the                 This suggestion, amid sighs as they look
      Industry.                 across the years, is the best way a bunch
of old grads
                                here know of wishing you "Alerry
11                  Since 1869 makers and distributors of electrical equipment
Number 24 of a series
~, Ah/ 0,;,. :a/.I

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