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Feldman, Jim (Writer) / The buildings of the University of Wisconsin

Medical warehouse,   p. 254

Page 254

Fig 1. The Medical Supply Ware-
house, 1995. The front (Lake Street
side) is a basement and two stories
of brick, and contains the main
4  1;loading dock, and office space for
ordering and delivery. Behind the
front section is a one-story addition
that connects to three 40 foot metal
quonset sections of one story on a
..concrete slab. [Author Photo, AP-
Ile  25]
he operation of a major health care institution requires the instant availability of a wide range
of medical-surgical supplies, including pharmaceuticals, x-ray film, instruments, and laboratory
chemicals. The stocking and delivery of this material requires a specialized facility.
Beginning in June 1966 the University hospital, in recognition of the critical need to monitor
and control its inventory, leased the warehouse at 112 North Lake Street at a cost of $13,000 per
month. The warehouse was built in 1947 by F. Gordon Davie, as a grocery warehouse for Central
Wisconsin Food Stores. It remained a grocery coop warehouse until it was leased by the University.
When the hospital was at the University Avenue location, the warehouse was nearby, and after the
hospital moved to the west side of campus, the warehouse was running smoothly and reliably and the
location was of little importance. Some consideration was given to including the medical warehouse
in the new Stores/Extension building erected on North Murray Street in 1984, but the volume and
specialized needs of the medical facility made it impractical.
In the early 1980s Davie offered to sell it to the University. Faced with the task of relocating
the medical warehouse to another location, the 1985-87 state building program authorized the purchase
of the facility at a maximum cost of $600,000. The regents approved a resolution to buy the warehouse
and its 1.09 acres of land for $587,500 to be paid by program revenues. The property transaction
closed on December 23, 1985. At the price obtained by the University and the annual lease cost of
$60,000 the payback for purchasing the building was ten years.1
The building is a 100 by 22 feet. The rear sections contain most of the actual medical supplies
and project nearly through the block to Murray Street (see Fig. 1).
The front section of the medical warehouse was demolished in April 1996 to make room for
the Kohl Center.
1) Regent's Minutes, April 1, 1966, May 9, 1969, April 7, 1972, June 9, 1978, February 5, 1982, December 7, 1984,
October 11, 1985.
2) Agency Request for State Building Commission Action, October 1985; Legal papers in regent's vault, F. Gordon
Davie file. Plans on file at physical plant plans room.

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