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Feldman, Jim (Writer) / The buildings of the University of Wisconsin

Old sheep barn,   pp. 149-150

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Fig. 2. The sheep
barn in 1935,
with the stock
pavilion in the
[series 13/12,
Voss Collection]
were to be dignified by gracious deportment.'3 Indeed in 1942 due to the fire danger in the very old
wooden buildings, they were condemned. This had the result of restricting the enrollment (370 just
before WWII) in the short courses, exactly what dean Christenson had feared.
In 1947 the university petitioned the state legislature for funding for short course dorms. This
financing was not immediately forthcoming, and in the absence of any alternative, students continued
to be housed in the old condemned buildings. Extra students had to find housing in town, and since
short course students did not arrive in Madison until November, city housing was often very hard to
Even after the new short course dorms were funded and built in 1949, Kleinheiz Hall contin-
ued to be used as housing for overflow short course enrollment. It was widely recognized that this
was a bad idea since its susceptibility to fire was obvious. But the money for the new dorms was
sufficient for only 230 students and there was space nowhere else. Then on March 11, 1950 a small
fire broke out in Kleinheiz, in the room of two men who were not there at the time. Other lodgers
doused the blaze, and prevented it from spreading to the rest of the building.4 It was a near miss. For
two years the old barn was used as miscellaneous storage. And in 1952 when the Dairy Cattle Center
was built on that site the old sheep barn was demolished.
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