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Braley, A.B. (ed.) / The Sphinx
Vol. 6, No. 2 (October 19, 1904)

The Sphinx: Slang number,   pp. [unnumbered]-ix

Page 16

The Sphinx
"A nifty maid with a winning smile,"
And "Wouldn't she make you leave your
"A swagger queen with gobs of style!"
"The peachiest Venus off the foam!"
And "Look at those lips of hers, 'yum
And "Clap your lamps on her wicked eye."
Yes, that is the way the comments come,
From the Frat House bunch as the girls
go by.
Or maybe it's, "Lord, what a homely phiz,"
And "She's got a shape like a Kangaroo,"
And "Ain't she the dumpiest rag there is?"
"Yes, and her wig's peroxide, too!"
And "Notice her toe in on the stride,"
And 'Isn't it 'coy,' and 'sweet' and 'shy' ".
So forever the boy's deride,
From the Frat House porch as the girls
go by.
J. H. H.
I seen a sailor man one day
Ten thousand miles at sea,
"Why do you weep" says me to him,
"For cause enough" says he.
"I weeps because of my childish days,
When Ma would handle me,
And the wind it brings them old days
It's a spankin' breeze," says he.
The Same Old Soph
"Went to Dodge's English class tother
day and I've reformed my language. No
more slang for Willie, not on your life,
pure and all wool English is my suit now.
Why when I think of the way I used to
sling the airy fairy ragtime talk, I back up,
blush and do a side step for shame, and
theil some.  Why say, its fierce when
you use your think box on it a little, its
fierce the way we guys have been assassin-
ating Mama English.   That good old
tongue that our daddies used to use, has be-
come dead, defunct, croaked, laid out and
it's, "mourners follow the hearse!" Me with
'em. Well it's back to Bostonese for me,
I chuck the 'vulgah slang' from now on,
and I'm going to be a regular gospel sharp
with my text, 'cut out the sloppy language'

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