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Bohi, M. Janette / A history of Wisconsin State University Whitewater, 1868-1968

[Foreword] A foreword,   pp. iii-[iv]

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A Foreword 
When history marches across the stage it inevitably carries people with it.
The writer of these lines has not examined carefully the contents of the
volume for which these words are intended as an introduction. But it is 
safe to predict that this centennial history which is so expertly done by
a professional historian will be filled with two things: with names and 
with achievements. If any institution is to be called truly great it must
so labeled not because of the resources at its command nor because of its
physical size nor its location. It will not be called great even because
of its 
years, although, the entry of this university into her second century of
is the motivation for this volume. It will instead be called great only 
because great men and women, dedicated to the ideals which led to the 
founding of the institution, have given unselfishly of themselves to that
institution and have in turn inspired the thousands of others who have 
entered her portals to go out into the world with similar and even greater
The writer has had a privilege enjoyed by few persons in that he has 
been a participant in the affairs of this university during almost half of
her period of existence. Many would say that these latter years have been
the most significant years in the history of Wisconsin State University-
Whitewater. Those of us who have shared the stage during these latter 
years would be flattered to feel that this is true and that we have been
part of the cause. But history is a series of events and a procession of
sons and the contribution of each must be measured in the light of time.
Any institution that has prospered for a century should pause to take 
inventory, for only by so doing can the sources of her strengths be deter-
mined. If we of the last four decades have learned well the lessons of our
predecessors, then we have done less than our best if we have not made 
these years more significant than were the early years. It is well, there-
fore, that we review events and make this an occasion for taking renewed
pride in the achievements and the sacrifices of the men and women who 
by their devotion to this university have been responsible for bringing us
with gratitude and pride to this great day in our history. 

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