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Campus disruptions: black protest

Campus disruptions : black protest : February, 1969,   pp. [1]-[35]

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Chancellor Young has met with a number of students and student groups 
in the last few days. These include the President of the student 
body and representatives of the Black Peoples Alliance. He has also 
conferred with a number of faculty members and faculty groups. 
In these meetings the Chancellor was asked for his response to the 
13 demands of black students. The demands, and a resume' of his 
responses, are as follows: 
I. "Autonomous Black Studies department controlled and organized 
by Black students and faculty, which would enable students to 
receive a B.A. in Black Studies." 
Last fall the Hayward subcommittee of faculty 
members and students (including black faculty and 
students) agreed that Black Studies offerings at 
Wisconsin should be an "area of concentration" in 
the American Institutions degree program. I am 
asking that group to review that decision and look 
at other possibilities. It is absolutely essential 
that whatever arrangement we choose is one that 
continues the interest and contributions of other 
units--for example, Departments like History, 
Sociology, Political Science, and the Law School-- 
to the Black Studies area. 
The establishment of a new Black Studies Department 
and a new B.A. degree in Black Studies would require 
action not only by the Faculty but also by the 
Regents and the Coordinating Council for Higher 
Education. It would also require the appropriation 

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