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University of Wisconsin--Madison. ; Dept. of Chemistry / Badger chemist : a newsletter from the Department of Chemistry of the University of Wisconsin
Newsletter 8 (Fall 1960)

Badger chemists in ACS recognition,   pp. 7-11

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Fall. 1960      BADGER        CHEMIST                                   
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This 'W That --
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Wasn't he a member of the Uni-
versity's ROTC during his under-
graduate days, and didn't he do a
two-year stint with the Army at
Ft. Detrick, Md., after graduation?
Our thanks to Robert W. Rosen-
thal, Ph.D. '49, for bringing to
our attention the whereabouts of
Gerald Gilbert ,Ph.D. '51; he's with
U.S. Steel at the Monroeville Ap-
plied Research Center, Pa. Robert
himself is employed by the Koppers
Company. He is associated with the
acetylene derivatives group of the
Exploratory Section. His boss is a
former Homer Adkins man, Walter
M. Kutz. Ph.D. '30. We understand
that the Rosenthals helped organize
a successful swim club of some 200
families and Bob served as its presi-
dent for two years.
Has Robt. H. Gillespie. Ph.D. '44,
left Kendall Co., Walpole, Mass.,
and has he taken a position at The
Paper Institute, Lawrence College,
At this writing next year's Fresh-
men, accompanied by their parents,
are making a voluntary one-day
visit to the campus in order to get
their counseling, testing and pro-
gram-planning started. An orienta-
tion session for Freshmen and par-
ents is held at 8:30 each morning;
at 9:30 the parents and students
separate-the students to spend a
rather tightly scheduled day, the
parents to meet with faculty and
student hosts and hostesses at the
Union for coffee and conversation.
Now armed with information, the
Freshmen can complete most of
the rest of registration and fee-
paying by mail. Taking advantage
of this opportunity for helping their
daughter Georgine orient herself in
preparation for the years ahead of
her, the Frederick M. Granberg's,
B.S. '39, were Madison visitors early
in July. Georgine's mother, the
former Arlene Johnson, is a two-
degree Wisconsin alumna with a
major in botany. Her father has
been an employee of Kimberly-
Clarke Corporation since 1939. His
first job was as superintendent of
service operations of the company's
Niagara Falls, N.Y., mills; his pres-
ent title is assistant to the vice-
president, marketing and sales at
the Neenah office. His affiliation
with the Corporation has been un-
broken since graduation, although it
was interrupted for about four
years while serving a stint in the
U.S. Navy during the last war.
Allen G. Gray. Ph.D. '40, was a
Robert M. Aude
Divisional President
Exactly     20
years after he had
left the campus
as a graduate of
t h e  Chemistry
Course, G re e n
Bay-born Robert
M. Aude, B.S. '39,
w a s  appointed
president of Hey-
d e n   Chemical
Division, the old-
est of the four main divisions of
Heyden Newport Chemical Cor-
poration. The corporation has a
heritage of nineteenth century Eu-
ropean chemical technology stem-
ming from the German Chemische
Fabrik von Heyden, A.G., which
was established in 1874. Among
early Heyden developments was the
first commercial production of sac-
charin and formaldehyde in the
United States; now it is producing
more than 200 intermediate chem-
icals and other products for the
paint and varnish, pharmaceutical
and chemical-processing industries.
If our memory serves, Robert is
the youngest Badger chemist filling
a stellar position of so many re-
sponsibilities as this. He spent his
entire professional career, since
graduation, in the chemicals indus-
try. His rise to top management
has been through a series of suc-
cessive steps to build seasoned ex-
perience in industrial chemistry.
Beginning as a laboratory chemist,
he specialized in analytical work
and color chemistry for the first
two years after graduation at Mon-
santo Chemical Company's Plastics
campus visitor on 28 April of this
year as a guest of the Department
of Mining and Metallurgical En-
gineering. He, now editor of Metal
Progress, addressed the graduate
seminar there on the subject of re-
cent developments in metallurgy.
Our memorandum on the pleasant
visit which he made us says: son-
in-law of Badger chemist James M.
Breckenridge. Ph.D. '10, Vander-
bilt University retiree.
Emil W. Grieshaber, B.S. '47, went
on to Illinois for graduate work
towards the doctorate. His goal
achieved he entered the employ of
"3M" in 1951. He is now a project
supervisor there. The Grieshabers
have five children.
Has Robt. T. Grimley, Ph.D. '58,
left Corning Glass and is he now
with the Physics Department of the
University of Chicago?
Division in Springfield, Mass. He
then progressed to plant technical
work, production supervisor, op-
erating superintendent, and finally,
superintendent, transportation and
materials. He climaxed his career
at Monsanto as production super-
intendent of the Plastics Division of
the Addyston, Ohio, plant.
He joined Heyden in 1953 as man-
ager, successively, of the Fords and
Garfield, N. J., plants; in 1956 was
named director of sales planning
and co-ordination for the entire
Heyden Chemical Corporation, a
$60-million a year firm; and in 1958,
when the Chemical Division was
formalized, was appointed divi-
sional manager, and a vice-presi-
dent. Today, in addition to cor-
porate duties, his other interests
are diverse. He is on the board of
governors of the Synthetic Organic
Chemical Manufacturers Associa-
tion, and is a member of the Ameri-
can Chemical Society, the Ameri-
can Institute of Chemical En-
gineers, the Armed Forces Chemical
Association, and Alpha Chi Sigma
professional chemical fraternity.
The Audes have four children,
Robert, Jr., 14; Richard, 12; Karen,
11; and Mary Ann, 5.
Ada Richmond Griswold (Mxs. C.
H.), B.A. '12, and her husband were
among the five Wisconsin rural
leaders receiving honorary recogni-
tion during the University's Farm
and Home Week last January. The
Griswolds have been community
leaders in La Crosse county for 46
years. He has developed one of the
top Wisconsin Guernsey herds, was
one of the first hybrid corn prod-
ucers in his home county, and has
served numerous community posts.
Badger aluma Griswold also has
been active in county, church, and
community activities including the
Red Cross, Sunday school super-
intendent, and homemakers club.
Together they have worked in sup-
porting 4-H club and Guernsey
breed activities. A daughter is chief
technologist at University hospitals
on the campus; son Richmond is
filling a responsible position with
Cities Service Refining Corporation
in Lake Charles, La.
Peter Hessenstam. M.S. '44, ap-
parently having lost his interest in
chemistry, has informed us that his
activities are now centered on so-
cial philosophy and international
relations. We understand that he
has been active for the past five
years in the local chapter of
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Page 9
Fall, 1960

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