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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 3 (Dec. 1912)

Bridgman, Louis W.
Wisconsin alumni in politics,   pp. [144]-151

Page 146

was re-elected lieutenant governor.
He had no opposition in the primary.
Walter C. Owen, law '91, of Maiden
Rock, state senator, won the Republi-
can nomination for attorney general
over Philip Lehner, law '04, of Prince-
          THOMAS MORRIS, '84
          Lieutenant Governor
ton, and in the general election de:-
feated Charles A. Kading of Water-
town, the Democratic nominee, Lynn
D. Jaseph, law '05, of Green Bay, the
Socialist candidate, and Herbert S.
Siggelko, '93, law '00, of Madison,
Prohibitionist. John F. Doherty, '93,
law '95, of La Crosse, was a Demo-
cratic candidate for attorney general
in the primaries.
  The Madison district returned John
M. Nelson, '92, law '96, to Congress.
He was opposed by Judge Albert H.
Long, '85, law '89, of Prairie du
Chien, a brilliant member of the last
state assembly. In the Fourth dis-
trict, Dr. John M. Beffel, '95, the Re-
publican candidate, was defeated by
William J. Cary, the present Repre.
sentative, who ran on a non-partisan
ticket and drew strength from various
sources. James F. Trottman, '84, law
'86, president of the board of univer-
sity regents, was the Republican con-
gressional nominee in the Fifth dis-
trict, and, like Dr. Beffel, was opposed.
by a non-partisan candidate former
Congressman WNilliam H. Stafford, as-
well as by Congressman Victor Ber-
ger, the militant Socialist member.
Against these odds he could not pre-
vail, the election going to Stafford-
Michael K. Reilly, '94, of Fond du
         WALTER C. OWEN, '91
            Attorney General
Lac, was the successful candidate in
the Sixth district, defeating James H.
Davidson of Oshkoshwho has been in
Congress for sixteen years.
  Congressman John J. Esch, '82, law
'87, of La Crosse, was easily re-elected
in the Seventh district. Another alum-
nus, Burton S. Hawley, a graduate of
the Wisconsin College of Agriculture,
ran for Congress against Mr. Esch on
the Prohibition ticket. Edward   E.
Browne, '90, law '92, of Waupaca.

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