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Interview #26: E. David Cronon

UW-Madison TEI edition, September, 2009


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First Interview, Interviewed: 1976; Interviewer: Laura Smail

UW expansion in 1960s; Departmental caucus groups; TAs and TAA; Humanities Building plans; American History graduate student program; M.A. requirements; Ford Foundation fellowships; Committee for History; Comparison of History and English Departments; Disruptions in late 1960s; University Committee; WARF; Student power; L&S Faculty Senate and faculty governance; Role of L&S dean; L&S compared to other UW colleges.

Second Interview, Interviewed: 1984; Interviewer: Martin Dowling

University Committee's concerns about loss of enrollment money; Governor Patrick Lucey's motives; Merger Implementation Committee; Campus reaction to Merger; 1965 Extension Merger and development of new campuses as precursors of Merger; Problems created by Merger; Current fear of faculty exodus; Bureaucratization under Merger; Benefits of Merger for other campuses; Continuing decline in state contribution to higher education; Costs of Merger.

Third Interview, Interviewed: 1987; Interviewer: Laura Smail

Restoration of WARF and other funds to UW after Merger; Relations between System presidents and Madison chancellors; Governors Lee Dreyfus and Anthony Earl; UW's concerns about System's allocation of fee income; Impact of continued budget cuts on L&S; Student fees; Merger issues.

Fourth Interview, Interviewed: 1988; Interviewer: Laura Smail

Irving Shain as administrator; Autonomy of deans; First encounters with Donna Shalala; Expectations of her; Working out Madison Plan; Effects and risks of System's Centers of Excellence program; Degree review; Arts outreach programs; Major concerns: budget, bureaucratization and deterioration of physical plant; L&S and dean of students office; University Committee; Priorities for future.

Fifth Interview (August 23, 2004): Tapes 13-22, Interviewed: 2004

Family history; Early education; Macalester College; Army service; Oberlin College; Graduate study in history at Wisconsin; House fellowship; Thesis and dissertation research; Fulbright Scholar at the University of Manchester; Black Moses; Merle Curti; History Department; Teaching at Yale University and the University of Nebraska; Job placement system at UW; Humanities Building; Teaching; Student unrest in the 1960s; Committee service; Chairmanship of the history department; Institute for Research in the Humanities; Fulbright exchange program in the Soviet Union; L&S deanship; Budgets; Junior faculty; L&S administrative structure; Hiring process; Academic Planning Committee; Program reviews; Staff morale and retreats; Computer technology; Fundraising; Dean’s Scholars Program; L&S facilities; Administration hierarchy; Study abroad and area studies programs; Chancellors; Freshman Seminar; Wife Jean.

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