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Wisconsin alumnus


Hove, Arthur, Editor
Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 15
July 1961

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[Cover], p. [1]

Visitors encourage sacrificing traditions for progress, p. 2

Association report, p. 3

Outstanding teachers receive honors, p. 4

[Contents], pp. 5-[6]

Keeping in touch with Wisconsin, Berge, John p. 7

Special centennial report, p. 8

A University of the people and for the people, Elvehjem, Conrad A. p. 9

A pleasure and an honor, Anderson, Don p. [10]

The big birthday party, pp. 11-12

The first fifty years, p. 13

Alumni have fostered a tradition of support, pp. 14-15

The Association's chief concern is to develop informed support, pp. 16-18

One hundred local alumni associations, pp. 19-20

The Association supervises the Bureau of Graduate Records, pp. 21-22

"Minute-men" for the University, Lochner, Louis P. pp. 23-24

I am Wisconsin, Hopkins, Andrew pp. 25-27

Dr. Norman O. Becker, pp. 28-29

Centennial reunion report, pp. 30-35

Commencement 1961, pp. 36-[37]

Medical School debate cools off after a bout of fever, pp. 38-40

Twenty-three retire from Wisconsin faculty, pp. 41-[43]

Vikings pay tribute to Tom, pp. 44-45

UW Foundation progress report, pp. 46-47

Oscar Rennebohm ends his term as a member of the Board of Regents, p. 48

Alumni news, pp. 49-50

Athletics, Mott, Jim pp. 50-53

Necrology, p. 54

Newly married, pp. 54-55


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