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Wisconsin alumnus


Richard, George, Editor
Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 58, Number 15
July 25, 1957

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[Cover] Wisconsin alumnus, p. [1]

Dear editor, p. 2

Election results, p. 3

[Contents] Wisconsin alumnus, p. 4

Sidelines, p. 4

Keeping in touch with Wisconsin, Berge, John p. 5

The Keenan story, pp. [6]-7

A welcome to the class of Wisconsin '57, Fitzpatrick, Lawrence J. pp. [8]-9

Commencement highlights, pp. 10-11

Reunions recapture campus memories, pp. 11-13

Class of 1897, Ferguson, Herbert T. p. 13

Class of 1902, Hopkins, Walter S. pp. 13-14

Class of 1907, Evjue, Zillah Bagley pp. 14-15

Class of 1912, Johnson, Laura B. pp. 15-16

Class of 1917, Burke, Myra pp. 16-17

Class of 1922, Purnell, William p. 17

Class of '22 engineers, Trueblood, Wilson D. pp. 17-18

Class of 1927, Ela, Dorothy A. pp. 18-19

Class of 1932, Hamel, Merle Owen p. 19

Class of 1937, Ingersoll, Hugh D. p. 19

Class of 1942, Timm, Ann Tawton pp. 19-20

Class of 1947, May, Bea Schweigert p. 20

Class of 1952, Bylsma, Clarence p. 20

The Alumnus salutes retiring faculty members of 1957, pp. 21-[23]

Compendium, p. 24

Wisconsin women, Chatterton, Grace p. 25

Annual meeting, pp. 26-27

Sports, p. 28

Campus chronicle, Ackley, Joan pp. 29-30

Wisconsin alumni club bulletin board, p. 31

Alumni, pp. 31-33

Faculty, pp. 34-37

Necrology, p. 38

Newly married, p. 39

The "ex-college" reunites, pp. [40-41

Good school grades predict college success, pp. 42-43

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