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Wisconsin alumnus


Richard, George, Editor
Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 57, Number 14
June 15, 1956

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[Cover] Wisconsin alumnus, p. [1]

Sidelines, p. 2

[Contents] Wisconsin alumnus, pp. 2-3

Wisconsin Alumni Association officers and directors, p. 4

Keeping in touch with Wisconsin, Berge, John p. 5

Milwaukee merger nearly complete, pp. 6-7

Board of Visitors finds University in good shape, Ackley, Joan p. 8

These stories were headline-makers, p. 9

Compendium, p. 10

Regents accept gifts, grants, p. 10

WARF acquires more Wisconsin Dells property, p. [11]

Quiz the professor, Engel, Helen D. pp. [12]-13

Football tickets 1956, Williamson, Ivan pp. 14-15

New look in commerce, p. 16

An emphasis on management, Gaumnitz, E. A. pp. 17-18

95 years of service to the university, Walker, Gordon p. [19]

Highlights in the past, p. [20]

Your association today, p. [21]

What lies ahead, Berge, John p. [22]

People are praising, p. 23

Wisconsin women, Chatterton, Grace p. 23

Two A's for teaching, p. 24

Engineer award to Roark, p. 24

Three outstanding Badgers win Alumni Association awards, p. 25

On Wisconsin, pp. 26-[27]

Campus chronicle, Ackley, Joan pp. 28-[29]

With the classes, p. 30

Necrology, p. 30

Orientation: circa 1900, Banker, Paul p. 31

Wisconsin alumni club bulletin board, pp. 32-37

Badger bookshelf, pp. 38-39

[Cover] Persistent postman

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