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Wisconsin alumnus


Richard, George, Editor
Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 15
Wisconsin Alumni Association, July 25, 1955

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[Cover] Wisconsin alumnus, p. [1]

[Contents] Wisconsin alumnus, p. 2

Sidelines, p. 2

Association elects officers, p. 3

Wisconsin Alumni Association officers and directors, pp. 3-4

Keeping in touch with Wisconsin, Berge, John p. 5

Integration held over until fall, pp. 6-7

Gordon R. Walker, '26: your new president, pp. [8]-[9]

A welcome to the class of 1955, Fox, Gordon p. 10

Commencement highlights, pp. 10-11

Two pages of commencement-reunion pictures, pp. [12]-[13]

'Twas reunion time for zero and five, p. 14

Class of 1900, Tearse, C. D. p. 14

Class of 1905, Sullivan, Florence Stott pp. 14-15

Class of 1910, McKee, Mary R. pp. 15-16

Class of 1915, Bollenbeck, Capt. "Joe" p. 16

Class of 1925, Bowman, Frank J. p. 16

Class of 1930, Konkol, Edward J. pp. 16-[17]

Class of 1950, Elsinger, Jerry p. [17]

Baccalaureate re-instituted, p. 18

"Know the truth . . . '55 class memorial, p. 18

Regents assign money for next year's UW operation, p. 19

Gelatt elected Regent president, p. 19

WARF makes biggest grant ever, pp. 20-21

Regents welcome gifts, grants, pp. 21-22

Regents meet housing threat, pp. 22-23

Wisconsin women, Chatterton, Grace p. 24

The alumnus salutes retiring faculty members of 1955, pp. [25]-27

Retiting President Gordon Fox invites new Association members to meet the Alumni Association staff--at your service, Fox, Gordon pp. 28-29

The challenge of the later years, Friedmann, Eugene pp. 30-31

Research, pp. 32-33

Making the most of "nothing", p. 33

On Wisconsin in sports, Lentz, Art p. 34

Clubs, p. 35

With the classes, pp. 36-[42

Necrology, p. 43

[Cover] Badger bookshelf

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