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Richard, George, Editor
Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 11
March 15, 1955

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[Cover], p. [1]

Dear editor, pp. 2-3

Reunions coming up!, p. 3

[Contents], p. 4

Sidelines, p. 4

Wisconsin Alumni Association officers and directors, p. 5

What they say, pp. 5-6

Keeping in touch with Wisconsin, Berge, John p. 7

Here is actual bill to create single board, p. 8

Integration has a long history, Richard, George p. 9

The University believes in cooperative planning, p. 10

The Governor explains why he favors single board, Kohler, Walter p. 11

Supporters of 279-S have responsibility to show cause, Fox, Gordon p. 12

UW biennial budget meets first legislative test, p. 13

Regents welcome gifts, grants, pp. 13-14

Compendium, p. 14

UW physicists dig deep into the atom, Larsen, James pp. 15-16

Faculty, p. 17

A new Y for the UW, pp. 18-19

. . . Individualism . . . good citizenship . . . intellectual freedom . . ., Fox, Gordon; Slezak, John; Knowles, Warren P.; Mich, Daniel pp. 20-21

The band takes a tour, pp. 22-23

Campus chronicle, Feldman, Lee p. 24

You can help foreign students understand us, Anderson, Don p. 25

Wisconsin women, Chatterton, Grace p. 26

Badgers in the Bushveld, Bell, Patricia Merritt pp. 26-27

On Wisconsin in sports, Lentz, Art p. 28

Badgers celebrate from coast to coast, pp. [29]-30

With the classes, pp. 30-31

Christian Norgord: humanitarian, pp. 32-[35]

Necrology, pp. 36-37

Badger bookshelf, pp. 38-[39]


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