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Wisconsin alumnus


Johnson, Dwight A., Editor
Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 9
June 1950

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[Cover] Wisconsin alumnus, p. [1]

What they're saying, p. 2

Sidelines, p. 3

Contents, p. 3

Keeping in touch with Wisconsin, Sarles, John H. p. 4

5 honorary degrees, 2 WAA citations, pp. 5-6

1949-50 . . . campus returns to normalcy, Hunter, John p. 7

Graduate school--the least understood activity in American education, Elvehjem, Conrad A. pp. 8-9

Progress report on Wisconsin Center building: final plans ordered, Meyer, Wallace p. 10

Like a big barn raising, state farm leaders roll up sleeves to help finance Wisconsin Center building, p. 11

The phenomenon of Wisconsin High School, Johnson, Robert S. pp. 12-13

Cooperation . . . between industry and education, p. 14

Student life: are college students lifting the elbow too much?, Zeldes, Jack pp. 15-16

Faculty: 'and one for good measure', p. 17

Regents hold up adoption of two faculty reports, accept radio policy for University station WHA, ask investigation of student picketing of ROTC, pp. 18-19

The campus through the camera, pp. 20-21

"For the betterment of the University . . . ", pp. 22-23

Badger arts, p. 23

On Wisconsin in sports, Lentz, Art pp. 24-25

How to get seating preference, Aspinwall, William H. p. 26

With the clubs, pp. 27-28

Badger bookshelf, p. 28

With the classes, pp. 29-33

Madison memories, pp. 33-34

Atomic energy: for better or for worse, Daniels, Farrington pp. 35-38

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