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The Wisconsin alumni magazine


Crawford, Robert S., Editor
The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 20, Number 10
Aug. 1919

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[Cover] The Wisconsin alumni magazine

Table of contents for August, 1919

Victory Commencement, pp. [267]-268

The alumnae breakfast, p. 268

Van Hise as student, pp. 268-269

Van Hise the scientist, pp. 269-272

Van Hise as president, pp. 272-274

The alumni game, pp. 275-276

Book notes, pp. 276-277

Invocation, Fallows, Samuel pp. 278-279

The University's welcome, Birge, E. A. p. 279

The State's welcome, Philipp, Emanuel L. pp. 279-280

Our men in action overseas, Seaman, Gilbert E. p. 280

The alumni tribute to our men of the service, Haight, George I. pp. 280-281

The awarding of honor medals, Clausen, Frederick H. pp. 281-282

The gold star roll and the unfurling of the service flag, Sellery, George C. pp. 282-283

Dedication of Lincoln Terrace, Vilas, Charles H. pp. 283-285

A message from the west, Hammond, Theodore pp. 285-286

To President Birge, Dodson, J. M. pp. 286-291

Alumni Board meeting, Taylor, Lillian p. 291

Alumni Council meeting, p. 291

Vote, pp. 292-293

Treasurer's report, pp. [294]-296

The Wisconsin Memorial Union project, Goodnight, S. H. pp. 297-298

Our A. E. F. Universities, Brorby, Melvin L. pp. 298-299

Summary of students detachment U. S. A. in U. K., p. 300

Wisconsin alumni clubs, pp. 300-302

The French House, Smith, H. A. pp. 303-304

Alumni news, pp. [305]-322

Campus notes, pp. 322-323

Index to volumes XIX and XX, pp. [324]-326

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