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The Wisconsin engineer


Rogers, Wayne, Editor
The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 63, Number 7
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Engineering Journal Association, April 1959

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[Cover] The Wisconsin engineer, pp. [unnumbered]-2

[Contents] Wisconsin engineer, pp. 3-7

[Frontispiece], p. [8]

Rambling with the editor, Rogers, Wayne p. 9

Space materials, Canny, Thomas F. pp. 10-13

Flight to the moon, Slifka, A. J. pp. 14-15

Satellite tracking, Spooner, John pp. 16-18

Marvin Ook discovers rolling friction, Veen, Charles H. pp. 19-25

Campus news: engine ears, Corth, Tom pp. 26-27

Science highlights, Mueller, Jim pp. 28-30

High school section [engineering--opportunity for you], Wendt, Kurt F. pp. 31-32

[High school section] Be prepared!, Greenfield, Lois B. p. 33

[High school section] A typical freshman schedule, Shiels, K. G. pp. 34-35

[High school section] What is engineering?, Boyer, R. L. pp. 36-37

[High school section] University extension, Grogan, Paul J. p. 38

[High school section] Career opportunities in engineering, Marks, James A. p. 39

[High school section: chemical engineering], Ragatz, R. A. pp. [40]-41

[High school section: civil engineering], Lenz, Arno T. pp. [42]-43

[High school section: electrical engineering], Peterson, H. A. pp. [44]-45

[High school section: mechanical engineering], Elliott, Benjamin pp. [46]-47

[High school section: mining and metallurgical engineering], Rosenthal, P. C. pp. [48]-49

[High school section] What's your question?, pp. 50-51

[Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers], Meyer, Darell pp. 52-56

Meet Joan, pp. 57-63

The engineer of yesteryear, Nichols, John pp. 64-73

Sneed's review, Kelling, Earl pp. 74-76

The ferrous wheel, Timmler, Bill pp. 77-79

So you think you're smart!, Sneedly pp. 80 ff.


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